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Happy Islamic New Year 2008 – The First One :-)

Posted by Kyle Design on January 9, 2008

Islamic Holiday OrnamentThe Islamic New Year begins at sunset on January 9th in 2008 and lasts for 29 days, ending at sunset on February 5th. Happy New Year to all Muslims!

In fact, Muslims will be celebrating two Islamic New Years in 2008! The next one actually starts in late December this year, at sunset on December 28th. Why? The Islamic calendar is lunar based as opposed to the Gregorian calendar which is solar based. Islamic Business Card Holder

For this reason, the Islamic New Year, known as Al Hijra or Muharram, moves by approximately 11 days each year on the Gregorian calendar, although the date is always the same on the lunar calendar. The date (on the Gregorian calendar) also moves depending upon when the moon first appears in a particular country, so the date may be (and often is) different for those in other parts of the world.

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