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What Was Hot for Holiday 2007? Some Surprises…

Posted by Kyle Design on January 6, 2008

As an artist who LOVES designing, I’m constantly adding new patterns to my line, hoping to provide unique gifts in designs featuring the latest trends and popular activities. So what turned out to be big for Holiday 2007?Ballroom Dancers Christmas Ornaments

Ballroom Dancing: I knew Dancing With the Stars was big, but not THIS big. Especially popular were the Ballroom Dance Ornaments. I enjoyed engraving many loving, sentimental comments on the back of these. It seems that those ballroom dancers are a particularly romantic group!

Monkey Business Card CarriersMonkeys: OK, I didn’t even think about it, but “Monkey Business” Card Holders were a funny surprise, but that’s how it is for – so often customers will order a particular design on a certain item – and I will finally get it. This was one of those cases. I think many people had a good laugh when they opened their presents. All work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) a dull boy (or girl). Might as well have fun when you can and enjoy your work.German Silver Knitting Earrings for Knitters I know I do!!

Knitting: I knew about knitting, and my daughter even demonstrates how to finger knit on our site, and I thought I was ready, but we still ran out of the Knitting Earrings and Knitting Flasks. I suspect that all those knitters out there making handy flask carrying cases as a fun design project. Anyone have a pattern for one?

Fleur De Lis Holder for Postage StampsFleur De Lis: The biggest hit of the season was my new Fleur De Lis gifts collection, with the Fleur De Lys Stamp Holder being the most popular item although the flasks, ID badge holders and ornaments were also very popular. BTW, I have a small pair of Fleur De Lis earrings that I’ll be adding to the site sometime next week. Did you know that this traditional image is actually a stylized iris flower? I found that out when I was researching the design before I created my interpretation shown at left. Click the gift collection link above if you’re interested in a brief history of the design and its meaning.

Those were some of the highlights of the season. I will discuss some lesser trends in future posts as well. It is always satisfying to me to know I guessed right!


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