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Happy New Year from Kyle Design – Yes, I’m Back

Posted by Kyle Design on January 3, 2008

Earth Business Card Holder CaseOK, so it seemed that I had dropped off the face of the earth for 6 weeks, and now I have miraculously returned. So what happened?

The Holidays!! If you are in the gift business, the floodgates open around mid November with sales surging, your hours greatly extending (even for workaholic like me) and there literally isn’t time for anything except making sure you ship your orders on time and complete. We had an especially long season this year because Thanksgiving fell early in the month and Christmas fell on a Tuesday, so those last minute presents could still arrive on Monday and be there on time.

Christmas Tree Pill HolderWe had a very busy holiday season and I want to thank all of our wonderful customers who called and sent so many enthusiastic compliments of our work and our customer service. Such feedback really gives us an emotional boost that helps us get through those long, frantic days.

I also want to acknowledge my fantastic staff who worked very long hours and did their best to accommodate special requests, assist customers with placing their orders online, and accurately make and ship so many custom items (most everything is made to order in our studio). We are, in fact, having a debriefing meeting today to go over what worked and what didn’t, and to review what new items, designs or services customers were requesting so we can hopefully continue to improve and stay fresh.) Suggestions are always appreciated!!!)

So, Happy New Year to you all! I hope the new year brings happy thoughts and positive experiences to everyone.


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