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Veterans Day, Veterinarians Day and Lions for Lambs

Posted by Kyle Design on November 12, 2007

My 3rd grader, whose turn it was to read the school bulletins over the loudspeaker lastVeterinarian Christmas Ornament week, announced that there would be no school today in honor of Veterinarians Day. But as most of us know, we are actually observing Veterans Day, when we take a moment to honor those men and women who served – our fathers, uncles, friends and coworkers.

Stars and Stripes Pill CaseYesterday, November 11, is the actual date of Veterans Day and my family and I went to see Robert Redford‘s new film Lions for Lambs. It stars Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise in a political film that encourages us to get involved and ask questions. It’s target audience is the 35-and-older crowd, into which I most comfortably fit. As people age, we do tend to take a larger view of our actions and their affect beyond just us, and become more contemplative about the world in general. So the 35-and-up crowd is more likely to enjoy a movie such as this one.

My husband and I enjoyed the movie, but our eleven-year-old was bored by itLion Night Light in Decorative Stained Glass – you need more knowledge of history and political workings to get the subtleties of the conversations in the film – and this made me realize that it is time to start talking to both of our girls about these larger topics as well. I certainly give them my opinions about a lot of subjects, but I have probably have been guilty of neglectful parenting when it comes to history and our larger society. Can we learn from past mistakes? Has our political landscape become so complicated as to make solutions impossible? What can we do to make a difference without getting lost?

Sheep and Lamb Business Card Holders

Watching the film made for some interesting conversations in the car and after we got home last night. And I don’t want it to stop there.

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