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Queen Elizabeth I Halloween Costume with Coronation Crown

Posted by Kyle Design on October 30, 2007

Queen Elizabeth I Halloween Costume with Crown and ScepterMy youngest daughter requested a Queen Elizabeth I Halloween costume this year so I made her a gold brocade coronation gown and a jewel-encrusted golden crown. We saw Elizabeth the movie earlier this year and listened to books on tape about the queen’s early years as well, so this was my daughter’s concept for months. For inspiration, we used still shots from the movie as well as the one portrait of Queen Elizabeth I that seems to be available.Queen Elizabeth I of England Coronation Portrait

Working with what we could find, I was able to make a gown, cape, crown and scepter that definitely invoke the feeling of the image. Note that the actual crown no longer exists because it was melted down in the mid 1600s.

Queen Elizabeth I Halloween Costume with Jewel Encrusted Crown and ScepterCoronation Gown: We found a beautiful golden brocade fabric at Britex in San Francisco which had a flower pattern – we were hoping for roses, the Tudor symbol, and maybe these are rosebuds on the fabric. I used two different patterns, Butterick 4887 and Simplicity 5835, and modified them to fit the shape of this gown with its long pointed bodice and pleated folds over hip bustles. If you’d like to see larger photos, other views or read tips and tricks on how I altered the patterns, please click Queen Elizabeth I Costume and Crown.

Crown Jewels of England - Queen Elizabeth I Coronation CrownCoronation Crown Jewels: Crown Christmas Ornament for QueenI made an etched gold crown with the eight bands of metal and a large cross at the top. I embellished the crown with ruby, diamond, sapphire and aquamarine colored Swarovski crystals which took me 6 hours to glue on. >:-( I couldn’t find crystals as large as those in the photo, so I had to wing it a bit and do what was possible. I needed large flat back rhinestones and found the best selection of sizes, colors and new shapes at Dreamtime Creations. I was really pleased with the prices and service, too.

Pink Princess Hip Flasks Fit For a QueenI couldn’t actually tell whether there was fabric in the middle of the crown or not either, so we decided on purple velvet because purple was the color of royalty. Some more modern day crowns are made with red velvet, some with purple, but because the photo was so dark, we assumed that if there was fabric it was most likely purple. The deep color also allows the gold and jewels to pop against it.

Handbag Business Card HolderScepter: I made the scepter, or sceptre as the English spell it, out of a 18″ expandable brass curtain rod and glued the rhinestones around the top and base of it using E6000 glue. The scepter is the symbol of royal authority.

Fur Cape: Rather than adhere to authenticity, I chose practicality when it came to making the cape. The cape in the portrait is huge – long, full and fur-lined inside as well as along the outside collar and one can only imagine how heavy it was. I chose instead to make a shorter cape with slits at the side so my daughter could still use hers hands while wearing it.

I had been intending to make fake ermine, and had tested simply taking a black marker to the white short-haired fur that we found which looked pretty good, but just ran out of time before our first event, Livermore’s Downtown Halloween Night, which is always the Thursday before Halloween each year. For this event, all the stores along the main streets in downtown Livermore hand out candy to all the children. It is a very well attended event and it is fun to see so many fabulous costumes. The kids are so cute!!

The Ultimate Halloween Bag - Gold Designer HandbagAccessories: Instead of a tacky plastic pumpkin in which to collect her candy while trick-or-treating, my daughter instead selected a metallic gold handbag. It has already received many compliments at parties and events! Might as well make your handbag match your costume – those finishing touches really make a difference. She add lace pumps and gold earrings that another artist friend, Katya, made to complete her look.
I must share one comment my daughter received at Downtown Halloween Night. A women passing by said, “Cut all that princess c***p, you just went straight to being the queen. Good for you!”

Who was Queen Elizabeth I? She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and she was known as the Virgin Queen of England because she never married. She was born in 1533, and reined from 1558 until her death in 1603 at the age of 69.

Movies: The first Elizabeth movie came out in 1998. The new Queen Elizabeth I movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age came out just this month and we plan to see it now that the costume is finished. It stars Cate Blanchett, Clive Owens as Sir Walter Raleigh, and Geoffrey Rush as Sir Francis Walsingham.

If you’d like to see my current collection of queen, king, princess or prince gifts such as the Queen’s Crown Ornament or Princess Flask above, please visit my Crown Gifts page. Please visit my Handbag Gifts for more gift ideas with purses.


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