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Weird Halloween Decorations – Iris Bulb Monsters – I Warned You….

Posted by Kyle Design on October 18, 2007

creepymonstersirisesOK, these Halloween decorations are weird, but I think that’s part of the fun of the Halloween holiday. Besides, I’m an artist and when odd things strike me, I go with them.

Earlier in the fall one year, I was separating out the iris rhizomes that had withered and died (they grow by creating new bulb offshoots) and thought they looked bizarre. I started playing around with adding eyes, tails, legs and antennae until they became these weird, creepy-looking monsters and bugs. Some looked like bats, some mice, maybe aliens, but most were just out there. My daughter and I made nearly 20 of them and had a lot of laughs creating them. (Fun, easy, weird crafts project for kids to get into the spirit of Halloween.)
We set them out by the front door and it was so much fun watching people’s reactions. They’d stop, stare at them, then finally ask in a creeped-out tone of voice, “What … ARE … those???” Because the roots of the bulbs were long and twisted, it gave the look of legs and tentacles, so people weren’t sure if they were some sort of sea creatures still in their shells, or shrunken animals (as if we used the same process as creating shrunken heads), or potatoes gone wrong.



batmonstersI think they realized (eventually – you could see their brains processing all the information) that they couldn’t be too disgusting to touch because they were decorated with googly-eyes, sparkly pipe cleaners and colored toothpicks, and because of the grins on my girls’ faces.
If you are not familiar with growing irises, you probably never have seen anything quite like these. If you’d like larger photos to see the details, click on Weird Halloween Monsters.

If you’re going to a Halloween party and want to bring a fun host or hostess gift, or just have a laugh when you pull out an Seeing Double Aliens Flask (Have I had too much too drink? I’m seeing double! Aliens!), be sure to check out my Fun Halloween Decor and Gifts page. You’ll find unique, creative, yet more traditional, Halloween decorations and gifts such as Bat Ornaments, Alien Flasks or Mouse compact mirrors. Or visit our Bat Gifts, Mouse Gifts, or Alien Gifts pages if those are your favorites.








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  1. kindnotes said

    Those are cute! Quite unique.

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