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Halloween Fun with Food: Bat Bagels for Kids

Posted by Kyle Design on October 15, 2007

Fun Halloween Food - Bat BagelsIt’s October, when my mind turns to Halloween fun. I’m hard at work on this year’s Halloween costumes (Medusa and Queen Elizabeth I in her Coronation dress and crown), but I’m also thinking creatively about fun food and spirited decorations.

One way to make breakfast fun with Halloween spirit is to makeBat Bagel Instructions Bat Bagels. Just place a bagel on a cutting board and slice in half to make two semi-circles. (I’m using Noah’s Chocolate Chip Bagels here.) Then, starting at one tip, slice the bagel across to the other tip and then spread open. This creates the bat shape. These work well with mini bagels to create Halloween party food. Let kids add their own toppings and spreads to create a bat sandwich. Or you can even add a mini hot dog to the middle for a bat body, maybe adding cloves or pimentos for eyes.

Beaded Lanyards with BatsAlternately, make a bat head cookie cutter and cut pieces out of American cheese slices. To make your own cookie cutters, buy some thin tin sheet at a hardware store such as OSH, snip a 1″ wide strip with old scissors, bend into the shape you want and hold the ends in place with a binder clip. Use pencils, flatware, spice jars, etc. to bend around to create the shapes and points needed. Custom Engraved Bat Money Clip

If you enjoy this fun holiday and want to add some Halloween spirit at work, how about a Beaded Bat Lanyard. We custom make these name badge lanyards in both silver and gold, plus you have your choice of sixteen colors. Another popular choice is the cool Bat Money Clip.

If you’d like to see our other Playful Bat Gifts and Decor such as money clips, Halloween ornaments, flasks and pill holders, please click the link and check us out. BTW, the Bat is a symbol of Happiness and Longevity in Chinese culture, so this amazing animal can be a positive way to express yourself all year long.

I should have the photos of the Medusa costume (olive green silk shantung with appliquéd snake and snake jewelry, although I did purchase the snake headdress from Bonnie’s Treasures) and Queen Elizabeth I Halloween costume (golden orange flower-patterned jacquard, and yes, I’m making her crown, too) up on the site by the 25th, so check back then if you’d like to see the results.


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