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Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival – Record Breaking Pumpkins

Posted by Kyle Design on October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Pill Holder or Travel Case in GoldThis weekend marks the 34th annual Half Moon Bay (CA) Art and Pumpkin Festival. This year, the recording breaking pumpkin weighed in at 1524 pounds, beating the Fair’s previous record by nearly 300 pounds! These big pumpkins are on display today and tomorrow at the festival. They will also have the winners of the Most Beautiful pumpkin contest and the top locally grown pumpkin.

So just how big are this year’s crop of Champion Giant Pumpkins? It appears that farmers are getting better every year at growing the largest pumpkins. Pumpkin Themed Business Card CaseThis year’s 1524 pound Pumpkin Festival winner was grown by Thad Star of Oregon who received $9,144 in prize money for his efforts. (Maybe he could use one of my Pumpkin Business Card Holders.) The record size of a squash in a California contest was a pumpkin that weighed 1535 pounds, and was set just this week by Pete Glasier of Napa, California. The world record size of a pumpkin is 1,689 pounds and was grown this year by Joe Jutras of Rhode Island. Apparently, pumpkins in this class can gain as much as 10 pounds a day.

Oak Leaves Light SwitchplatesThe fair runs from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and admission is free. Other fun events at the fair will include more contests: pumpkin carving, pie-eating and Halloween costume contests. Plus, there will be the Great Pumpkin Parade, a display of the giant weigh-off champion pumpkins, a haunted house, home-style foods, harvest-inspired arts and crafts, and three stages of blockbuster entertainment. Something for everyone in the family.

Rain Liquor Flask in BlueIt looks like they will have great weather, too. It has been raining the last two days, but today has dawned clear and bright. Just as a warning, I used to do this fair back in the 1990’s, and what I remember most is being cold. VERY cold. It is held in downtown Half Moon Bay which is right on the coast, with a blanket of fog covering it quite often. Also, traffic can be a problem, with the long, two-way road into Half Moon Bay being very slow, so don’t plan on getting in or out of the area quickly.

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