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Egyptian Costume with Gold Jewelry and King Tut Accessories

Posted by Kyle Design on October 3, 2007


I took my girls to see the 2005 King Tut exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, so for Halloween that year my youngest daughter wanted an Egyptian Costume.

Egyptian Jewelry: Being a jeweler, I was able to make her a gorgeous reproduction of a necklace from King Tut’s tomb (mine shown at right) along with matching earrings and a scarab bracelet. I tried to make it look as close to the original as I could, so I decorated the etched gold pieces with real carnelian gemstones. In addition I used anodized aluminum circles; gold-filled spacer beads; turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli tube beads. I used Colores epoxy resins that I bought from Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies to fill in the recesses in a cloisonné process.

DIY Egyptian Jewelry: Want to make your own Egyptian costume but don’t want to spend that kind of time or money? I have some less expensive options and suggestions on my website here: Egyptian Costume with Gold Jewelry.


King Tut Crook and Flail: No King Tut costume would be complete without a Crook and Flail. To create mine, I used Plexiglas rods and forms. (Click the Egyptian Costume link above for more instructions.) I wrapped each with blue satin ribbon and then 1″ metallic gold ribbon at 1″ intervals. I screwed in a tiny eye hook into the top end of the flail so I could attach pressed glass pyramid beads and golden dangles. If you prefer to just buy one, I sell them on my site: Egyptian Costume Crook and Flail Accessories.







king-tut.jpgEgyptian Costume: I used a very simple pattern (McCall’s 2340 Easy To Sew) for both the dress and jacket. Based upon my research, historically Egyptian clothing was usually white or natural in color, but I chose to make her outfit out of turquoise linen because it would be more flattering on her (and show dirt less). Traditional outfits were crimped or pleated, but I chose to put pin tucks in along the length of the fabric to give it the impression of crimping. That way I wouldn’t need to keep fussing with the pleats if (when) they fell out. I made the jacket out of a blue and gold sheer linen that was embroidered with gold. (In the background of the picture at right is a colorful painting by artist Sonya Paz.)
To see larger photos of any of the above images, click on King Tut Egyptian Costumes. If you are interested in seeing more Egyptian themed items, such as the golden Egyptian Earrings at left or the Egyptian Eye of Ra Christmas Ornament at right, please click on the photos or visit Egyptian Gifts and Home Decor.

egyptian-ornament egyptian-earrings-kyle-design

Shop Egyptian Accessories & Gifts

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