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Queen Elizabeth I Halloween Costume with Coronation Crown

Posted by Kyle Design on October 30, 2007

Queen Elizabeth I Halloween Costume with Crown and ScepterMy youngest daughter requested a Queen Elizabeth I Halloween costume this year so I made her a gold brocade coronation gown and a jewel-encrusted golden crown. We saw Elizabeth the movie earlier this year and listened to books on tape about the queen’s early years as well, so this was my daughter’s concept for months. For inspiration, we used still shots from the movie as well as the one portrait of Queen Elizabeth I that seems to be available.Queen Elizabeth I of England Coronation Portrait

Working with what we could find, I was able to make a gown, cape, crown and scepter that definitely invoke the feeling of the image. Note that the actual crown no longer exists because it was melted down in the mid 1600s.

Queen Elizabeth I Halloween Costume with Jewel Encrusted Crown and ScepterCoronation Gown: We found a beautiful golden brocade fabric at Britex in San Francisco which had a flower pattern – we were hoping for roses, the Tudor symbol, and maybe these are rosebuds on the fabric. I used two different patterns, Butterick 4887 and Simplicity 5835, and modified them to fit the shape of this gown with its long pointed bodice and pleated folds over hip bustles. If you’d like to see larger photos, other views or read tips and tricks on how I altered the patterns, please click Queen Elizabeth I Costume and Crown.

Crown Jewels of England - Queen Elizabeth I Coronation CrownCoronation Crown Jewels: Crown Christmas Ornament for QueenI made an etched gold crown with the eight bands of metal and a large cross at the top. I embellished the crown with ruby, diamond, sapphire and aquamarine colored Swarovski crystals which took me 6 hours to glue on. >:-( I couldn’t find crystals as large as those in the photo, so I had to wing it a bit and do what was possible. I needed large flat back rhinestones and found the best selection of sizes, colors and new shapes at Dreamtime Creations. I was really pleased with the prices and service, too.

Pink Princess Hip Flasks Fit For a QueenI couldn’t actually tell whether there was fabric in the middle of the crown or not either, so we decided on purple velvet because purple was the color of royalty. Some more modern day crowns are made with red velvet, some with purple, but because the photo was so dark, we assumed that if there was fabric it was most likely purple. The deep color also allows the gold and jewels to pop against it.

Handbag Business Card HolderScepter: I made the scepter, or sceptre as the English spell it, out of a 18″ expandable brass curtain rod and glued the rhinestones around the top and base of it using E6000 glue. The scepter is the symbol of royal authority.

Fur Cape: Rather than adhere to authenticity, I chose practicality when it came to making the cape. The cape in the portrait is huge – long, full and fur-lined inside as well as along the outside collar and one can only imagine how heavy it was. I chose instead to make a shorter cape with slits at the side so my daughter could still use hers hands while wearing it.

I had been intending to make fake ermine, and had tested simply taking a black marker to the white short-haired fur that we found which looked pretty good, but just ran out of time before our first event, Livermore’s Downtown Halloween Night, which is always the Thursday before Halloween each year. For this event, all the stores along the main streets in downtown Livermore hand out candy to all the children. It is a very well attended event and it is fun to see so many fabulous costumes. The kids are so cute!!

The Ultimate Halloween Bag - Gold Designer HandbagAccessories: Instead of a tacky plastic pumpkin in which to collect her candy while trick-or-treating, my daughter instead selected a metallic gold handbag. It has already received many compliments at parties and events! Might as well make your handbag match your costume – those finishing touches really make a difference. She add lace pumps and gold earrings that another artist friend, Katya, made to complete her look.
I must share one comment my daughter received at Downtown Halloween Night. A women passing by said, “Cut all that princess c***p, you just went straight to being the queen. Good for you!”

Who was Queen Elizabeth I? She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and she was known as the Virgin Queen of England because she never married. She was born in 1533, and reined from 1558 until her death in 1603 at the age of 69.

Movies: The first Elizabeth movie came out in 1998. The new Queen Elizabeth I movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age came out just this month and we plan to see it now that the costume is finished. It stars Cate Blanchett, Clive Owens as Sir Walter Raleigh, and Geoffrey Rush as Sir Francis Walsingham.

If you’d like to see my current collection of queen, king, princess or prince gifts such as the Queen’s Crown Ornament or Princess Flask above, please visit my Crown Gifts page. Please visit my Handbag Gifts for more gift ideas with purses.

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Medusa Costume with Snake Dress, Snake Hair, Jewelry

Posted by Kyle Design on October 26, 2007

Medusa Costume with King Cobra Snake EmbellishmentI love sewing unique Halloween costumes for my girls and this year, I’ve made a Medusa costume that has a 3-dimensional King Cobra appliquéd on the front which wraps around the dress. I created the snake accessories as well, including the etched metal snake earrings, snake necklace and the snake armband. In an exception to my usual preference of making everything, Snake Wrapped Around Dress for Medusa CostumesI bought the Medusa snake headpiece from Bonnie’s Treasures – it’s perfect, and I’m glad I didn’t have to attempt to create snake hair.

Dress: For the dress, we started with olive green silk shantung and lined it in chestnut brown silk satin. We chose Butterick Fast & Easy pattern B4343 which is a close-fitting, off the shoulder gown with a high slit. We found gorgeous fabrics at Britex Fabrics in San Francisco in different textures and colors that worked perfectly for this Halloween costume. I used a ribbed ivory fabric for the snake underbelly and a very fine snake printed knit for the snake body. I dyed faint stripes in the ivory fabric using tea and pomegranate juice. (For full instructions with photos, click Medusa Costume Sewing Tips.) For the snake face, I used red satin and white satin that I fused together to make the open mouth and fangs, a small piece of red Ultrasuede for the forked tongue, and snake eyes that I purchased from Van Dyke’s Taxidermy. I made a short bolero jacket out of a shimmery green crimped knit using McCall’s Fashion Accessories pattern M5197.

Jewelry and Accessories: We found the perfect shoes at Snake Earrings for Medusa CostumeTarget: snake print pumps by Isaac Mizrahi. I created the earrings, necklace and armband in polished gold etched brass with a snake skin pattern and embellished them with Swarovski crystals that I purchased from Dreamtime Creations. (I did a fair amount of searching and found Dreamtime Creations’ selection of shapes, size and colors to be the best, plus the prices and package quantities were great.) I created a few extra pairs of the golden Snake Earrings which are available for sale by clicking the link.

Snake Night Light in Red Stained GlassIf you’d like to see larger photos, detail shots or want to print out the pattern piece I created for the King Cobra appliqué, please visit Medusa Costume Instructions.

Who is Medusa? Medusa is a monster woman from Greek mythology who had snakes for hair. If you gazed upon her you would turn to stone. (My husband’s Halloween costume, naturally, is a man turned to stone: he has spray-painted a whole outfit white, from cap to glasses (leaving tiny holes to see out of) to shoes, and will paint his face white using Halloween face paint from the Halloween Super Store.)

Custom Snake ID Badge HolderHow did Medusa die? She was finally beheaded in her sleep by Perseus who used a mirrored shield to help him direct the fatal blow. From her neck sprang Pegasus (the winged horse) and the giant Chrysaor. Perseus eventually gave the Medusa’s head to Athena who placed it on her shield, the Aegis.

If you’d like to see more of my snake gifts and jewelry like the Snake Night Light or the Snake Badge Holder above, please visit my Snake Gifts and Home Decorations page.

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Weird Halloween Decorations – Iris Bulb Monsters – I Warned You….

Posted by Kyle Design on October 18, 2007

creepymonstersirisesOK, these Halloween decorations are weird, but I think that’s part of the fun of the Halloween holiday. Besides, I’m an artist and when odd things strike me, I go with them.

Earlier in the fall one year, I was separating out the iris rhizomes that had withered and died (they grow by creating new bulb offshoots) and thought they looked bizarre. I started playing around with adding eyes, tails, legs and antennae until they became these weird, creepy-looking monsters and bugs. Some looked like bats, some mice, maybe aliens, but most were just out there. My daughter and I made nearly 20 of them and had a lot of laughs creating them. (Fun, easy, weird crafts project for kids to get into the spirit of Halloween.)
We set them out by the front door and it was so much fun watching people’s reactions. They’d stop, stare at them, then finally ask in a creeped-out tone of voice, “What … ARE … those???” Because the roots of the bulbs were long and twisted, it gave the look of legs and tentacles, so people weren’t sure if they were some sort of sea creatures still in their shells, or shrunken animals (as if we used the same process as creating shrunken heads), or potatoes gone wrong.



batmonstersI think they realized (eventually – you could see their brains processing all the information) that they couldn’t be too disgusting to touch because they were decorated with googly-eyes, sparkly pipe cleaners and colored toothpicks, and because of the grins on my girls’ faces.
If you are not familiar with growing irises, you probably never have seen anything quite like these. If you’d like larger photos to see the details, click on Weird Halloween Monsters.

If you’re going to a Halloween party and want to bring a fun host or hostess gift, or just have a laugh when you pull out an Seeing Double Aliens Flask (Have I had too much too drink? I’m seeing double! Aliens!), be sure to check out my Fun Halloween Decor and Gifts page. You’ll find unique, creative, yet more traditional, Halloween decorations and gifts such as Bat Ornaments, Alien Flasks or Mouse compact mirrors. Or visit our Bat Gifts, Mouse Gifts, or Alien Gifts pages if those are your favorites.







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Girl’s Halloween Costume Idea: Oscar-Winner Julia Roberts in Valentino Dress

Posted by Kyle Design on October 17, 2007

julia-roberts-valentino-1.jpgLast year, my 10-year-old daughter’s request for her Julia Roberts Accepting Oscar Statue in 2001Halloween costume was to be Julia Roberts wearing Valentino. This was the black and white designer dress she wore when she received the 2001 Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in Erin Brockovich (2000). Julia Roberts is holding her Oscar Statuette after receiving her Academy Award in the photo at right.


I made my daughter’s costume out of velveteen, netting and satin ribbon. My daughter loved the costume and was thrilled when people actually recognized who she was.


I started with Butterick pattern 3484 which is a long dress with an Empire waist and a slit down the front. I altered the pattern pieces so the slit was in the back of my version. I edged the slit with white satin ribbon and added several yards of netting gathered under the back of the slit. To create the “V” of shear fabric in the front, I sewed on a “V” of the shear with two rows of stitching, then cut away the velveteen underneath. I then trimmed the edges with the white satin that became the straps of the dress as well.


To finish out the look, we added a matching hair piece and black and white high-heeled shoes. In addition, I purchased a small Oscar-like statuette that we had engraved with Julia Roberts – Best Actress. These small award statues are quite affordable and can be purchased from trophy and award companies like K 2 Awards or They ship very quickly, even with the engraving.



If you’d like to see larger images and a more detailed description of how I made this costume, please visit Julia Roberts Halloween Costume. For unique gift ideas such as the engraved metal credit card wallets or travel pill cases shown above, check out our Achievement and Award Winner Gifts.

Awards Night Prize Pill CaseAwards Statue Accessory Wallet

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Halloween Fun with Food: Bat Bagels for Kids

Posted by Kyle Design on October 15, 2007

Fun Halloween Food - Bat BagelsIt’s October, when my mind turns to Halloween fun. I’m hard at work on this year’s Halloween costumes (Medusa and Queen Elizabeth I in her Coronation dress and crown), but I’m also thinking creatively about fun food and spirited decorations.

One way to make breakfast fun with Halloween spirit is to makeBat Bagel Instructions Bat Bagels. Just place a bagel on a cutting board and slice in half to make two semi-circles. (I’m using Noah’s Chocolate Chip Bagels here.) Then, starting at one tip, slice the bagel across to the other tip and then spread open. This creates the bat shape. These work well with mini bagels to create Halloween party food. Let kids add their own toppings and spreads to create a bat sandwich. Or you can even add a mini hot dog to the middle for a bat body, maybe adding cloves or pimentos for eyes.

Beaded Lanyards with BatsAlternately, make a bat head cookie cutter and cut pieces out of American cheese slices. To make your own cookie cutters, buy some thin tin sheet at a hardware store such as OSH, snip a 1″ wide strip with old scissors, bend into the shape you want and hold the ends in place with a binder clip. Use pencils, flatware, spice jars, etc. to bend around to create the shapes and points needed. Custom Engraved Bat Money Clip

If you enjoy this fun holiday and want to add some Halloween spirit at work, how about a Beaded Bat Lanyard. We custom make these name badge lanyards in both silver and gold, plus you have your choice of sixteen colors. Another popular choice is the cool Bat Money Clip.

If you’d like to see our other Playful Bat Gifts and Decor such as money clips, Halloween ornaments, flasks and pill holders, please click the link and check us out. BTW, the Bat is a symbol of Happiness and Longevity in Chinese culture, so this amazing animal can be a positive way to express yourself all year long.

I should have the photos of the Medusa costume (olive green silk shantung with appliquéd snake and snake jewelry, although I did purchase the snake headdress from Bonnie’s Treasures) and Queen Elizabeth I Halloween costume (golden orange flower-patterned jacquard, and yes, I’m making her crown, too) up on the site by the 25th, so check back then if you’d like to see the results.

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Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival – Record Breaking Pumpkins

Posted by Kyle Design on October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Pill Holder or Travel Case in GoldThis weekend marks the 34th annual Half Moon Bay (CA) Art and Pumpkin Festival. This year, the recording breaking pumpkin weighed in at 1524 pounds, beating the Fair’s previous record by nearly 300 pounds! These big pumpkins are on display today and tomorrow at the festival. They will also have the winners of the Most Beautiful pumpkin contest and the top locally grown pumpkin.

So just how big are this year’s crop of Champion Giant Pumpkins? It appears that farmers are getting better every year at growing the largest pumpkins. Pumpkin Themed Business Card CaseThis year’s 1524 pound Pumpkin Festival winner was grown by Thad Star of Oregon who received $9,144 in prize money for his efforts. (Maybe he could use one of my Pumpkin Business Card Holders.) The record size of a squash in a California contest was a pumpkin that weighed 1535 pounds, and was set just this week by Pete Glasier of Napa, California. The world record size of a pumpkin is 1,689 pounds and was grown this year by Joe Jutras of Rhode Island. Apparently, pumpkins in this class can gain as much as 10 pounds a day.

Oak Leaves Light SwitchplatesThe fair runs from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and admission is free. Other fun events at the fair will include more contests: pumpkin carving, pie-eating and Halloween costume contests. Plus, there will be the Great Pumpkin Parade, a display of the giant weigh-off champion pumpkins, a haunted house, home-style foods, harvest-inspired arts and crafts, and three stages of blockbuster entertainment. Something for everyone in the family.

Rain Liquor Flask in BlueIt looks like they will have great weather, too. It has been raining the last two days, but today has dawned clear and bright. Just as a warning, I used to do this fair back in the 1990’s, and what I remember most is being cold. VERY cold. It is held in downtown Half Moon Bay which is right on the coast, with a blanket of fog covering it quite often. Also, traffic can be a problem, with the long, two-way road into Half Moon Bay being very slow, so don’t plan on getting in or out of the area quickly.

If you’d like to see more of my pumpkin themed gifts such as the Pumpkin Pill Carrier or Travel Case or the Pumpkin Business Card Holder, please visit my website page: Unique Pumpkin Gifts. Also check out my Autumn Leaves Decor and my Rainy Day Gifts.

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25th Anniversary of Kyle Design & 100th Blog Post – A Retrospective

Posted by Kyle Design on October 9, 2007

Fireworks Celebration OrnamentThis month marks the 25th Anniversary of Kyle Design and this also happens to be my 100th blog post. What a reason to celebrate! Set off the fireworks! Twenty five years of designing gifts, jewelry, scarves, home decor – and I feel fortunate to have made it this far. I started my business while a senior at U.C. Berkeley – majoring in business, by the way – but what I really wanted to do was be an artist, be creative and design my heart out.

So, has my business evolved over the years? Yes!! From painting silk to designing in metal, from working crafts fairs to blogging – what an evolution!

Hand-painted Silk Scarves Created Using a Modified Batik ProcessI started out painting silk scarves and wall pieces using a modified batik process I learned from Ina Kozel, a nationally recognized fiber artist here in the United States. Hanpainted Silk Wall DecorI took what I learned from her and ran with it, figuring out a way to do what I was told couldn’t be done. I had a tiny studio in Berkeley then, and could only paint three scarves or one wall piece at a time. I had to wait a day for them to dry before I could start another batch.

I was desperately needing to increase my output and realized I needed to make smaller items: Jewelry, earrings, bracelets. Still using silk, mind you, still working with color. Color has been a continual theme in my work over the years.

Handpainted Silk Bracelets and EarringsI moved out of the tiny Berkeley studio and into my old bedroom in my parent’s house. Didn’t exactly feel like I was moving up in the world, but it was a stepping stone and I knew that. Affordable, spacious (by comparison). Hanp-painted Silk and Metal Jewelry - Earrings in 23K Gold Plated FramesI started making silk-covered bracelets and earrings made from button covers. I had a huge button kick press about the size of an anchor for assembling the earrings that I bought from Eisen Brothers. (I tried to find a picture, but kept getting instructions from a Mortal Kombat II manual. “To kick, press button….”)

Hand-Colored Niobium Earrings with Etched Brass Design AccentsBeing creative and getting bored with the same old shapes for earrings, I came up with the idea of combining the silk with etched metal frames in unusual shapes. Anodized Aluminum and Niobium EarringsFrom there it was on to all kinds of mixed metal jewelry in unusual shapes. I created unique pieces which used combinations of etched metals, niobium and anodized aluminum and were embellished with glass beads, wire and turned parts. A body of work that ranged from brightly colored, very contemporary to pieces with more subdued colors and an ethnic feel. Ancient Images Mixed Metal EarringsThat was just the first eleven years! Before I had kids! (I’ll save the next 14 years for another post.) My work continues to change and evolve, but I think I retain elements from all past work in my current collections.

And that is just the creative side – there is a whole other story when it comes to running the business, developing my line (what would sell??), keeping up with trends, working out production methods, finding reliable suppliers, learning how to engrave, managing my money, marketing, hiring help, exhibiting at up to 25 shows an year. (A partial list, to be sure….)

It was quite one thing to start my business and choose not to interview for a “real job” about a year later as I was approaching graduation. (My friends at the business school were quite aghast that I was NOT interviewing, as they all were!) It was quite another to actually be ready to support myself from my art, and those early days really were a struggle. But I can proudly say that, aside from babysitting in junior high and working for my parents (also artists) throughout high school and college, I have never worked for anyone else. Determined, I was.

The very first retail crafts fair I was accepted to was the 1984 Sausalito Art Festival and my first wholesale show was the 1985 Baltimore A.C.E. Crafts Fair, both considered prestigious events, and from there it starting falling into place. (That is frightfully simplistic, but at I’ll save all the true details for another blog post.) And speaking of blog posts…

This 25th Anniversary just happens to coincide with my 100th blog post. Blogging is new for me, obviously, but even 100 blog posts feels like a milestone. I never considered myself a writer and I still agonize over every word more than I should, but I have to admit I’ve come to enjoy it. Guess I’m more opinionated than I might have thought. Or at least I realize how much I have learned over the years.

Contemporary Milano Modern Light Switch PlatesIn the beginning, blogging felt like something I had to do, but now I appreciate having a forum where I can introduce my new work but be chattier or less formal in how I present it. I feel like I have to stick to the facts on my website Kyle Design, but on my blog I can loosen up, add personal details, elaborate on the inspiration behind designs, talk about my family, or even what life is like for an woman artist in general. I’m not just crafty in my work, but in my personal life as well. Where else would I share my creative party ideas, favorite recipes or my elaborate Halloween costumes? It’s all good….

To see my more recent work which includes light switch plates, engraved business card holders, flasks and holiday ornaments among many other unique items, please visit Kyle Design.

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The Movie “Waitress” – Sweet Film Makes You Want to Bake – So I Did!

Posted by Kyle Design on October 5, 2007

Chocolate Desserts Night Light with Amber Glass and Etched Nickel Silver FrameTwo pies in the oven, waiting for them to finish baking. So what inspired me? I recently saw the film “Waitress” and loved it. It’s the story of a small town waitress married to an overly-controlling husband who finally finds the strength and means to escape from the relationship.Engraved Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

She loves baking pies, is renowned for her skills and comes up with clever and insightful names for the pies. Choice examples are “I Hate My Husband Pie” which is made of bananas and bittersweet chocolate (“and don’t sweeten it”), or “Baby Screaming It s Head Off in the Middle of the Night and Ruining My Life Pie” which is a New York style cheesecake with brandy-brushed pecans and nutmeg.

Stylish City Lights CompactsBerry season is winding down to an end here in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I picked up a flat of berries – raspberries, blackberries and strawberries – and baked two pies this afternoon. I’m going to a family reunion and it has been a tradition to bring homemade pies. When I make my pies, I think of my Aunt Carol who passed away in April of this year. She made the best pies – I especially liked her loganberry pies – and I will always associate them with her.

Berry Best Aunt Pie

6 cups Berries (2 c. each Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries)
1-1/2 cup Baker’s sugar
1/4 c. Clear Gel (Available from King Arthur Flour Co.)
1 t. lemon juice
1/8 t. salt
Dash of nutmeg

Mix together and let sit for 15 minutes, then pour into pie crust. (Use a metal pie pan for the flakiest crusts. I make my crust from scratch as well and use the recipe from “The Best Recipe” book – abridged below.) Dot with 2 T. of butter, cover with top crust, crimp, sprinkle with a little sugar, cut in a few air vents and bake at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes or until golden. It’s smelling really good in here right now….

By the way, King Arthur’s Clear Gel was ranked the best pie thickener in Cook’s Illustrated’s “The Best Recipe” book. I love this book and use the recipes all the time.

Pie Crust Recipe

Mix 2-1/2 cups flour, 1 t. salt and 2 T. sugar in a food processor. Cut up 12 T. chilled, unsalted butter and pulse about 5 times. Add 8 T. chilled shortening (I used the new trans fat-free butter-flavored Crisco) and pulse about 4 times until mixture is like coarse cornmeal and butter pieces are no bigger than peas. Turn into bowl and add 6-8 T. of chilled water. Mix with the back of a spatula and then wrap in plastic. Chill for at least 30 minutes before rolling out.

If you’d like to see other unique gifts like the Chocolate Desserts Night Light, the Baby’s First Christmas Ornament or the City Lights Compact, visit Chocolate Desserts Themed Gift Ideas, Unique Baby Gifts for New Parents or Stylish Engraved Compact Mirrors.

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Egyptian Costume with Gold Jewelry and King Tut Accessories

Posted by Kyle Design on October 3, 2007


I took my girls to see the 2005 King Tut exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, so for Halloween that year my youngest daughter wanted an Egyptian Costume.

Egyptian Jewelry: Being a jeweler, I was able to make her a gorgeous reproduction of a necklace from King Tut’s tomb (mine shown at right) along with matching earrings and a scarab bracelet. I tried to make it look as close to the original as I could, so I decorated the etched gold pieces with real carnelian gemstones. In addition I used anodized aluminum circles; gold-filled spacer beads; turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli tube beads. I used Colores epoxy resins that I bought from Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies to fill in the recesses in a cloisonné process.

DIY Egyptian Jewelry: Want to make your own Egyptian costume but don’t want to spend that kind of time or money? I have some less expensive options and suggestions on my website here: Egyptian Costume with Gold Jewelry.


King Tut Crook and Flail: No King Tut costume would be complete without a Crook and Flail. To create mine, I used Plexiglas rods and forms. (Click the Egyptian Costume link above for more instructions.) I wrapped each with blue satin ribbon and then 1″ metallic gold ribbon at 1″ intervals. I screwed in a tiny eye hook into the top end of the flail so I could attach pressed glass pyramid beads and golden dangles. If you prefer to just buy one, I sell them on my site: Egyptian Costume Crook and Flail Accessories.







king-tut.jpgEgyptian Costume: I used a very simple pattern (McCall’s 2340 Easy To Sew) for both the dress and jacket. Based upon my research, historically Egyptian clothing was usually white or natural in color, but I chose to make her outfit out of turquoise linen because it would be more flattering on her (and show dirt less). Traditional outfits were crimped or pleated, but I chose to put pin tucks in along the length of the fabric to give it the impression of crimping. That way I wouldn’t need to keep fussing with the pleats if (when) they fell out. I made the jacket out of a blue and gold sheer linen that was embroidered with gold. (In the background of the picture at right is a colorful painting by artist Sonya Paz.)
To see larger photos of any of the above images, click on King Tut Egyptian Costumes. If you are interested in seeing more Egyptian themed items, such as the golden Egyptian Earrings at left or the Egyptian Eye of Ra Christmas Ornament at right, please click on the photos or visit Egyptian Gifts and Home Decor.

egyptian-ornament egyptian-earrings-kyle-design

Shop Egyptian Accessories & Gifts

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