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The New Color of Money: Purple $5 Bills – Money Clips to Match!

Posted by Kyle Design on September 23, 2007

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the color purple, Contemporary Dollar Sign Money Clip in Purpleso when the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing announced the new $5 bill this week, I was really excited. Turns out, they are using purple on the new bill as one of its new security and usability features. While the redesigned U.S. bills up to this point were only using pastel colors, the new $5 is a departure. There will now be a large number 5 in purple in the bottom right on the back of the bill. This apparently will make it easier to identify for the visually impaired. Click the link above to see a picture of it. Purple works for me!

The new money is being printed now but won’t be released into circulation until the spring. This will give companies time to retool their vending machines and change-making equipment to accept the new bills.

Do you like to coordinate colors? Want a new purple Dollar Sign Money Clip to match the new bills? (This is how my mind works…I love color.) Quick aside: When I was a student at Cal, I would even coordinate my pencils to my outfits. (Why? Because I could. – Hey, I’m a woman. I’m an artist. I’m different. – I found all these colorful, beautifully decorated pencils on my last trip to Japan, so I could have a teal and purple day or a pink and black day, or whatever.)

Ladybug Condom Carriers for the LadiesAnyway, the point is, if you do want to coordinate your accessories, or you have a favorite color we can accommodate you. At Kyle Design we custom make all of our gift items to order so you can choose the design (and we have a lot of them!), metal finish and the color accent to make it all your own. No more settling for what someone else thinks is a good design for a particular gift item (but I don’t want a lavender ladybug condom carrier – although somebody else did this week) or limited color choices (the “it comes in black – take it or leave it” approach to gift offerings). And finally some unusual gift ideas (be gone with the ties and perfume!).

If you’re someone who loves color, then be sure to visit Kyle Design for a huge collection of unique, colorful gifts and home furnishings (designed by me 🙂 ). We have cool money clips, flasks, tape measures, pencil boxes and more in designs that make great gifts for her as well as gifts for him.


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