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Child Safety Tips: Hey Kids! Watch Out For Escalator Crocs

Posted by Kyle Design on September 22, 2007

So, you thought you only had to watch out for crocs at swamps. Reports in papers andCrocodile Travel Sweetener Packet Carriers online are now circulating about injuries caused on escalators from wearing soft-sole shoes like the brightly-colored Crocs, but even flip-flops can be dangerous. Most of those injured seem to be young children and the injuries are often on the toes.

So, how to protect your kids? Have fun while teaching your children to be safe:

  • Make a game of being safe. I’m not a fan of scaring kids into behaving, so I wouldn’t recommend saying that escalators are dangerous and instilling a life-long fear of them (you’ll be sorry the next time you’re running late and need to take an escalator with tired, cranky kids). Instead, I suggest telling them to pretend that there are escalator crocs that want to bite your toes, but see if you can ride your boat (the step) all the way up the river (moving escalator) without getting near the edge of the river (sides of the escalator). At the end you have to jump over the crocodile’s teeth to escape. Everyone has fun, has a sense of accomplishment and leaves with a smile on their face. A win-win situation!
  • Specifically: Have them stand in the middle of the step and help them jump over the teeth at the end of the escalator.
  • In addition, children should not let their feet rub against the side of the escalator because the heat created from the friction can cause the rubber to soften and so be more likely to get pulled into the gap.

Pretty Compact Mirrors with Flip-Flops Keep this in mind as well: I’ve heard that kids don’t hear the way we think they might,Artistic Feet Key Rings especially if we are scolding or directing them. A parent can say, “Don’t stick your toes in the escalator teeth.” But when the child actually starts listening (or stops tuning us out) , what they hear is “Don’t Stick your toes in the escalator teeth.” The child then might be curious about what will happen and will react before you have a chance to make sure they understand. Whenever possible use positive, affirmative sentences – tell them what they should do.

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