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Barry Bonds’ Home Run Ball 756 Doesn’t Make Murphy a Millionaire

Posted by Kyle Design on September 16, 2007

Barry Bonds created a $752,467 ball when he broke Hank Aaron’s Home Run Record onBaseball Christmas Ornament in Custom Colors August 7, 2007 with home run Number 756. This history-making ball which was caught by New Yorker Matt Murphy at AT&T Park in San Francisco sold at auction last night (September 15, 2007). There were 31 bids. Experts had only expected the ball to sell for around $500,000. The auction was held by Sotheby’s.

The ball sold for nearly $1,000 per home run, falling just a few thousand short. The price includes a 20% buyer’s premium.

In addition, home run ball Number 755, which tied up the record, sold for $186,750 with 11 bids on it.

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