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Fun Caveman Party with Cave Girl Costumes and Cave Cake

Posted by Kyle Design on September 11, 2007

My eldest daughter’s all-time favorite party was the Cave Girl Slumber Party we threw for her a couple of years back when she was nine (third grade). Based on the popularity of the Geico Caveman, I suspect Caveman Costumes will be big for Halloween this year.

Cave Woman or Caveman Pinata for Birthday PartiesCave Girl Piñata: I created a cave girl piñata from a hula girl piñata by using animal print tissue paper and clip art from the Microsoft Clip Art Gallery. I gave her more dramatic eyes and some bone jewelry.

Easy to Make Cave Woman CostumesCaveman or Cavewoman Costumes: I made costumes for each of the girls from animal print knit fabric that I got on sale at the fabric store. The dress just required a simple seam down a section of one side of folded fabric. (Click Cave Girl Costume for the specific measurements and directions.) The girls could just slip into them and tie a knot over one shoulder. Simple to make and one size fits all. I bought some bear claw and shark tooth necklaces from Oriental Trading to complement their costumes.

Cave Birthday Cake: This turned out really fun. The girls love discovering all the detailsCave Birthday Cake with Camp Fire in the decorations. It featured a chocolate cave with pretzel stick door frame, gumdrop glowing embers in the campfire, malt ball boulders and a roasting pig made from a strawberry Tootsie Roll that looked very realistic. It is kind of hard to see in this photo, but if you click Cave Birthday Cake, then click on the photo, you’ll get a large version.

Make-It-Yourself SpearsHomemade Spears: Each kid made their own spear out of polymer clay (Fimo or Sculpey) and a wooden dowel. First, they shaped an arrowhead with notches at the base where it would be tied, then pressed it against the end of the dowel to create a recess in the clay that would help hold it in place. While the clay was baking, the kids decorated the dowels with stripes, dots, symbols or their names using a wood burning tool. After the spear tips had finished baking and had cooled, the kids tied the tip onto their spear with twine. They added extra twine in the middle to create a grip. We then had a spear throwing contest at the park (any grassy area will do). My husband painted a deer petroglyph on a piece of plywood that they could aim at for a target. One girl actually did hit the deer target, but needless to say, these were not precise implements, so if they did get a hit, it was probably just luck.

Games and Activities: The kids all roasted marshmallows over a small patio fireplace in our backyard. We also had a slingshot contest using one slingshot that we purchased beforehand, but you could also have the kids make their own (depending upon their age) if you have suitable forked wood, a bit of leather and large rubber bands. (I made my own slingshot as a kid.) I also had a treasure hunt for breakfast using clip art of wild animals. Each clue would be for the next animal that they would have to hunt down around the house and yard. Tape up the larger clues of animals and cavemen with the next clue hidden behind each one. Spread them out so they have to run a bit far to the next one: upstairs and downstairs, front yard and backyard. This helps burn off some of their energy and builds their appetite, too. Our hidden breakfast was bagels. Find a closet, kitchen cabinet or even the dryer as a place to hide them where they are not likely to go snooping ahead of time.

Food: We had the girls make DIY shish-kebabs using bamboo skewers. I just laid out a whole collection of meats and vegetables (and pineapple) and let then assemble the kabobs to their liking. (I marinated the meats ahead of time.) Results ranged from all meat to all veggies, so I’m glad I didn’t attempt to guess what they would like. You can BBQ them or just broil them in the oven. (If you think there might be any confusion about whose kebab is whose, just have the kids put their name or initials on the skewer with a permanent marker first.)

Cave Drawing Light Switch PlatesCave Man Party Decorations: How we turned our kitchen into a cave: We covered the walls with brown Kraft paper that weCaveman Party Decorations with Animal Furs, Cave Walls, and Cave Girl Pinata then decorated with “cracks” and shadows using magic markers. (We even covered up the window, adding to the dark cave-like feeling in the room.) I added clip art and photos of wild animals – tigers, deer, lions, buffalo, bears, etc. I bought animal fur fabric in different prints and styles and tossed them on the ground like giant animal skins where they would be sleeping.

Party Favors: The girls got to take home their costumes, spears and necklaces. In addition, each girl was given a plain wooden box (available at crafts supply stores) to decorate with the wood burning tool. We had one larger box as a party keepsake for my daughter onto which each of the party guests burned their name and patterns. She has it to this day.

Note: If you’d like to see larger versions (6″) of any of the photos here, just click on Caveman Party and then click on the photos there to enlarge.

Click this link if you’d like to add rustic decorations like ourTiger Flask for Liquor, Alcohol or Wine Cave Drawing Light Switch Plates shown at left. Of if you’d like an animal flask to go with your Caveman costume, be sure to check out our Tiger Flask.


One Response to “Fun Caveman Party with Cave Girl Costumes and Cave Cake”

  1. C.E. said

    This is such a great idea and very creative. I am an editor at Celebrate with Style, we focus on all types of celebrations and I am getting very tired of the same old princess or tea party theme. The caveman/girl costumes will definitely be a big Halloween costume, but also I love the idea for a birthday party.Your daughter’s birthday sounds like it was a blast.

    At we have an ongoing party planning contest called “Better than I’d Imagined.” You should enter this party. All you have to do is enter the details of the party for a chance to win and have it featured on our site.

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