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Last Minute Gift Pattern Additions at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on September 10, 2007

Last Minute Gift Designs and IdeasOn Friday, I added another group of new designs to the site. Just last month, I had added 65 new patterns in this year’s big push of images, but then decided to create a few more last Apple Ornament for Back to School or Teacher Gifts minute gift designs. Why? A few reasons: There were some emails that came in for ideas just after I completed my tooling. Also, with Back To School on my mind, I realized I was missing designs for school. I have an Apple design that is popular for teachers, but I wanted something for higher education, hence my new Education design, as well as an image for the lower elementary or preschool set: my new ABC Blocks pattern.

While thinking about the kids and school, I thought a Candy & Treats design would be fun, so I created one that includes an ice cream cone, lollipop, candy cane, gummy bear, gumdrops, candy bar, Tootsie roll and hard candies. While talking to my sister about my niece’s upcoming 5th birthday, I realized that a Birthday Cake would be fun, too.

Now, not wanting to be too heavy on sweets, I thought some fruit and vegetable designs would help balance out my design diet. So I have a fresh new Pineapple design. The pineapple is also the symbol of hospitality and so will be a nice addition to our Host and Hostess gifts collection. And as for healthy foods, my new Vegetables pattern contains a cabbage, tomato, red pepper, chili pepper, radish, mushroom, corn, carrot and peas – a cacophony of veggies high in beta carotene, antioxidants and lycopene.

Desktop Shoes Business Card HoldersIt was fashion week in San Francisco a couple of weeks back, with local designers showing off their new collections of clothes and accessories. My new Handbag design would have fit right in with the theme. (Handbags and purses have traditionally been popular images, so it was time to finally create on of my own, plus it is a nice compliment to my Shoes pattern, like the one shown here on our desktop business card holder.) The new Flash design can represent all those cameras going off taking pictures of all those runway models. Or maybe it is a star twinkling, or the sun shining or fireworks lighting up the sky. That’s the beauty of abstract designs: you can add a little of your own imagination and make it whatever you want.

It never rains in California (or so the song claims), but I’ve seen it happen on occasion and have a new Rain design. It features a slightly abstract repeating pattern with a hint of clouds at top and the suggestion of a stream at the bottom. In addition, I decided to do an Anchor design as well, to round out my Nautical themed gift pages.

Tiger Bookmark for BooksThe Tiger design was quietly introduced over the summer, but this is the formal announcement of its arrival. I already have several gifts shown on the Tiger Gifts page, like the Tiger Bookmark shown at left.

If you’d like to see other options for gifts for teachers, professors or other educators like the Apple Christmas ornament above, please visit our Teacher and Educator Gifts page.

Like I mentioned, all these new designs were added to our site on Friday, so please check them out!


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