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Peet’s Coffee Founder Alfred Peet Dead at 87 – But His Quality Lives On

Posted by Kyle Design on September 3, 2007

Beaded Coffee EarringsBeing a San Francisco Bay Area native, I have to comment on the death of Alfred Peet who opened his first Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley in 1966. Peet died Wednesday at his home in Ashland, Oregon at the age of 87. Peet really developed the market for top-quality coffee in America, paving the way for the arrival of Starbucks many years later. Starbucks opened its first location at the Seattle Pike’s Place Market in 1971 and its first California location in 1991. Those of us in California know about Peet’s Coffee, which has 150 stores, all but 22 of which are here.

Coffee Magnet ClipsI often visited Peet’s Walnut and Vine Avenues location in Berkeley in what is now referred to as the Gourmet Ghetto while attending Cal and in the years afterward. The coffee aroma in the store was amazing – something I’ll never forget – because the coffee was roasted right in the back of the store.
I take my girls out to the Gourmet Ghetto every few months for, among other foods, pizza at the Cheese Board and desserts at Masse’s Pastries. I enjoy exposing them to new flavors and hope to develop in them a love of great quality food.

If you love good coffee, and high quality coffee gifts, check out the Coffee Lover Earrings above or visit my Great Coffee Gifts and Decor page.


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