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San Francisco Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Summer of Love

Posted by Kyle Design on August 31, 2007

Summer of Love Cigarette LighterIt’s Labor Day Weekend 2007 and San Francisco is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love in Golden Gate Park. There will be free concerts and performances at the Summer of Love Festival all day Sunday at Speedway Meadows, but getting there could be the trick: The Bay Bridge is closed allPeace Sign Money Clips weekend for seismic retrofits. Be sure to check for the best alternate routes.

The cast of Hair will be making an appearance on stage at 10:30 a.m. I remember that my parents saw the musical Hair in San Francisco when it came out, and they bought the soundtrack album Hair as well. My sister and I would listen to the songs over and over – Customized Pill Holders with Sunrise Design“This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!” and “Let the Sunshine In.” Both those songs on the soundtrack were by the Fifth Dimension from their 4th album, also titled The Age of Aquarius.

Here is link for the free concert schedule for Sunday, September 2, 2007: Summer of Love Concert Lineup.

For more unique gifts, please visit Peace Symbol Gifts, Sunrise Sunset Gifts and Decor or Heart and Love Gifts. If you want to light up in style at the festival, check out our Love Cigarette Lighter shown above. Click photos above to find out more about any of the gifts shown.


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