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Giant Spider Web in Texas Attracts Tourists Like Flies

Posted by Kyle Design on August 30, 2007

A monstrous spider web has been discovered in Texas that has entomologists wondering about its origin. This huge web stretches across 200 yards of bushes and trees in Lake Tawakoni State Park.

Rangers had said the huge web was so white it looked like fairyland when they first discovered it but that it now is filled with the carcasses of mosquitoes and flies, giving it a dingy brownSpider Lace Metal Wallet or Cigarette Case look.

This rare event is attracting tourists who can actually come hear the mosquitoes scream at being caught in this giant trap. The rangers don’t know which type of spider is responsible for this Spider Web Key Chain in Goldhuge web. That would have to be determined by an entomologist, so the rangers are hoping some will come out to investigate it. Some experts guess that it may be social cobweb spiders who have created it.

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