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Michael Vick’s Rub – Sorry He Got Caught, But Dead Dogs Can’t Grow Up

Posted by Kyle Design on August 28, 2007

Football Business Card CaseFootball quarterback Michael Vick pleaded guilty to a federal dog-fighting charge yesterday and apologized to all those to whom he lied by saying,”I was not honest and truthful in our discussions.” These included his Atlanta Falcons teammates, coach Bobby Petrino, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Falcons owner Arthur Blank. He further apologized to “all the young kids out there for my immature acts.” He then stated that “I need to grow up.”

Dog Light Switch Plate Cover with Silhouette of Two DogsI have two issues with this. First, he didn’t apologize for the cruelty he inflicted on the animals or comment on the sadistic treatment the dogs received. Apparently, that is not what he had a problem with. One gets the feeling that he is only sorry that he got caught. Maybe he needs a Dog Light Switch Plate to help that light bulb in his head to go off that there is a bigger issue here.

Secondly, what exactly was he referring to when addressed the kids? What specifically does he consider his “immature acts”? Just lying? (Hey kids, don’t lie and get caught like I did, OK?) What a role model. Was one of the “immature acts” just keeping Bad Newz Kennels running for six years? Holding the fights on his Surry County, Virginia property? Immature is certainly not the word I would have chosen.

Casually tossing off the comment that he needs to grow up, without any compassion for orCustom Dog Christmas Ornament mention of the poor dogs that will never have a chance to grow old, still shows that Vick has a very, very long way to go in his quest for maturity.

The only bit of karma in this is that his sadistic hobby is now going to cost him well over $100 million in lost pay and endorsements. Oh, those expensive hobbies the rich have. Hope it was worth it.

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