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Custom Tampon Party Favors???

Posted by Kyle Design on August 27, 2007

Custom Tampon Case. What do you think this means? Would this be a case for custom tampons or a custom case for tampons? Here are some hints: you can pick your color, design and metal finish. Now, unless you are some sort of Iron Maiden in need of a metal tampon, one would hopefully read that description and realize that it is the latter: A beautiful metal case customized with the design and color of your choice.

Custom Tampon Cases in Designer StylesSo we got an interesting call from a woman who found our custom tampon case page and thought we made custom tampons. “I’m looking right at it and your page says ‘custom tampon‘ “, the customer insisted. We calmly pointed out that it specifically says, “custom tampon holder cases“. (Here’s the link if you want to see for yourself: Custom Tampon Case.) She wanted tampons that had customized wrappers with the name, date and colors of the event. (!!!) (We can engrave that information on the back of the metal case, if so desired.)

Red Dragon Case for Pill or TamponsThe kicker was that she wanted to order these custom tampons as party favors for a bat Mitzvah for a 13-year-old girl! Where, I’m assuming, there will be friends and relatives in attendance in addition to the girls.

I don’t know about you, but that was not an age at which I was keen to be discussing such delicate subjects with others, let alone in a mixed group of my extended family and friends. I’m just imagining, “Oooh, I got the pink butterfly tampon. What kind did you get? Oh, the red dragon – bum luck!” or some such scenario.

Maybe times have changed…but that much?!? I just hope that some topics will always be considered too crass for casual public discussion.

I consider myself an artist and an inventor, and I really do encourage people to contact me to see if I can create with something that will meet their needs. Over the years, I have gotten some really good suggestions, or comments that triggered a new creative line of thought, but I’m going to pass on this one.

Anyway, just another entry in my web retailing “I’ve Heard Everything” file.

Personalized, Engraved Bookmarks in 150+ DesignsIf you’re looking for more appealing party favor ideas, we suggest our Custom Engraved Bookmarks, and yes, these can be engraved with that all-important name and event date.

And if you’d like to see the full Kyle Design collection of unique cases for tampons and pantiliners, please visit our Designer Tampon Cases page.

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