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Space Shuttle Returns Safely – Makes a Big Splash

Posted by Kyle Design on August 21, 2007

Space Shuttle Night Light Flying Over FloridaThe Space Shuttle Endeavour landed safely at Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 12:32 p.m. Eastern time. Endeavour took a route over Central America including Costa Rica and Cuba, then over the south tip on Florida on its way to the Space Center on the eastern edge of the state. Its landing approach was 20 times higher and 7 times steeper than that of a commercial jetliner’s.

The Space Shuttle landing made a big splash in the news when it landed without incident after concerns about Hurricane Dean and damage to the protective tiles. Endeavor Flight Number STS-118 finished its 5.3 million mile journey safely to everyone’s great relief with two previous shuttle disasters in the back of everyone’s minds. The landing is always a big hit with the crowds that gather for the dramatic landings.

Splash Business Card HolderSpace Shuttle Challenger exploded on January 26, 1986, just 73 seconds after take off because of faulty o-rings with the debris falling into the ocean. Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated during reentry over Texas on February 3, 2003 because a piece of insulating foam broke off and punched a hole in its wing, allowing it to break up.

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