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Custom Engraved Organizing Labels – Do It with Style!

Posted by Kyle Design on August 16, 2007

Custom Engraving Labels in Brass and BlackHave you decided to get organized? Out with the clutter, and everything in its own place? Looking for some organizing tips and ideas? Well, this latest edition to the Kyle Design line of organizing products for home and office will help you keep all your stuff where it belongs in an attractive way. Organizing product don’t have to be ugly!

We’re just introducing our new metal Custom Engraved Name Plate Labels. We can engrave whatever you need on them – vacation dates, drawer contents, someone’s name – your choice. These are a classier, more professional way to label kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, photo frames, light switch plates, jewelry boxes, file cabinets, etc. Whatever you’d like to add a title, ID label or name. And so much more attractive than a plastic label from a label maker machine. Organizing tip: If you label something, you are more likely to keep assigned items in that spot and less likely to fill it with clutter that doesn’t belong. That will make putting things away and finding them again faster and easier!

Custom Engravable Name Plates for Home OrganizationThese metal organizing labels come in two sizes and in two finishes: black and brass. Both kinds are made of anodized aluminum with neatly finished edges. When engraved through the black or brass finishes, the natural silvery aluminum color shows through for contrast. We provide industrial strength double-stick tape for attaching the tags. Just make sure the surface is clean, dry and smooth, and they should stick just fine. They will work on metal, wood and plastic surfaces, as well as most glossy painted surfaces as well.Light Switch Plates with Engraved Indentification Tag

The smaller ID labels are 1-5/8″ x 3/8″ and can be engraved with up to 22 characters. They will work on any size light switch plate or outlet cover, whether toggle or Decora rocker, one gang or ten. The length was especially chosen to work with multiple gang switchplates, so each switch can have its own nameplate without interfering with adjoining switches. Here we show the black ID nameplate on our Dark Bronze Light Switch Plates.

Medium Engraving Labels on Picture FrameThe larger ID tags are 2″ x 1/2″ and can be engraved with up to 28 characters or with larger letters. (Just keep in mind, the longer the text string, the smaller the letter height.) These labels will work on a single toggle switch plate, either above or below the switch, and even above or below the screws.

While these organizing tags are perfect for both the home or office, they are especially appreciated in a guest house or vacation rental. Knowing where things belong or which switch controls what device would be very helpful to visitors. Commonly requested phrases for cabinets have been “Recycling”, “Garbage”, “Cups”, etc. On light switch plates, we expect identifiers such as “Fan”, “Light”, “Disposal” and “Porch” to be popular.

Decorative Crest Stamp Holder for Dispensing Postage StampsPlease be sure to visit our site for other creative ways to organize and beautify your home or office. We specialize in turning the everyday objects into mini works of art. See more at Kyle Design.


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