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30th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s Death – Where Were You?

Posted by Kyle Design on August 16, 2007

Crown Ornament for the KingThe King is Dead! Long Live the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll! So where were you 30 years ago today when Elvis Presley died? On August 16, 1977, I was standing on a train in Tokyo, Japan, nearing the end of an 8-week stay, when word traveled from person to person, so obviously it was big news around the world. He officially died of a massive heart attack, but long-term drug use most certainly contributed to that.

It’s funny how certain momentous events such as the death ofAsian Fan Pill Box in Gold and Blue someone so talented and famous will stay in our memories forever. But, if you think there’s something important that you might forget, we offer our engraved Commemorative Holiday Ornaments in more than 150 designs. Have one engraved with the birth of a baby, a graduation date, a special wedding anniversary, or even the name and make of your first car. A fun way to make sure you Never Forget.

My sister and I used to play the Elvis Presley 45s of Jailhouse Rock and Hound Dog over and over again when we were kids, dancing and entertaining ourselves over our long summer vacations (which are apparently becoming a thing of the past in many school districts). We even turned them over sometimes to play the flipside songs: Hound Dog – Don’t Be Cruel and Jailhouse Rock – Treat Me Nice. Turns out, Hound Dog was actually considered the B-side when originally released, but in our minds in was always the A-side.

So, where were you? Take that momentary trip down memory lane to see if you can still remember.

For more unique gifts with Crowns for a King or Queen, Princess or Princess, visit our Unique Crown Gifts page. For more gifts with an Asian theme like the Japanese Fan Pill Box above, check out our Asian Gifts, Jewelry and Home Decor section.


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