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Pygmy Elephants Endangered: Small Animals, Smaller Habitats

Posted by Kyle Design on August 13, 2007

The endangered pygmy elephants that are unique to Borneo in Malaysia are smaller inDecorative Elephant Night Light in Stained Glass number than previously assumed. Data from tracking devices over the course of a two-year study found that the elephants are losing habitat to loggers and commercial palm oil plantations. The best food for the elephants happens to be in the area where it is cheapest for the loggers to extract the wood and in areas that have been converted to plantations. This has forced some elephants to walk up to five times as far as normal to find food.

In addition, farmers sometimes capture them or even poison them to protect their farms. Over the last 40 years, nearly 40 percent of the forests in the Malaysian state of Sabah, the main area where the pygmy elephants live, has been lost to human development and logging.

There are probably fewer than 1000 of these elephants which were found to be a subspecies of Asian elephants in 2003. Previously, it had been assumed that there were about 1,600 of these animals in the forests in Borneo. In 2005, the World Wildlife Fund started a tracking project by putting transmitters on the necks of the leaders of many herds. It was from the results of this satellite tracking that the extent of the threat to these elephants was revealed.

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