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Sew News Magazine Features Kyle Design Sewing Ornaments

Posted by Kyle Design on August 12, 2007

This beaded Sewing Ornament is featured in SewNews magazine as a great gift idea.

This beaded Sewing Ornament is featured in SewNews magazine as a great gift idea.

We are so excited to have our Custom Sewing Ornament featured in the Holiday edition of Sew News Magazine. Our sewing themed ornaments come in either gold or silver with pretty bead accents. You even get to pick your favorite colors – we custom make each one to order, yet they are still quite affordable. We even offer personalized engraving on them. (You’ll find our Christmas ornament on pages 4 and 62 of the magazine.)

Sew News Magazine is a great showcase of projects that you can make for anyone who enjoys sewing and crafts, plus includes sources for fun gift ideas with a sewing theme. The magazine is just hitting store shelves – look for it at fabric stores, arts and crafts supply stores, quilting shops and bookstores.Sew News Magazine - Creating for You and Your Home

The Holidays edition even includes the fold-out patterns for the projects within its pages. I especially like the cool fabric bowl that can be trimmed with an interchangeable holiday border. I’ve always enjoyed fiber arts – whether sewing, spinning, weaving or fabric dyeing, and the fiber really appeals to me.

Sewing Business Card Holder in Silver with Iridescent AccentsThey even show you how to make a fabric business card holder! If you’d prefer a case for your business cards that is metal, we have a beautiful one with our Sewing design on it. You can even customize it with the color of your choice ( we offer over 30 striking colors). The holder shown here is in silver, but it comes in gold as well. Just click the photo at left to view the gold one with iridescent rust color in the background.

For more unique sewing themed gift ideas, please visit Sewing Gifts and Decor.


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