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Barry Bonds Hits Home Run Ball 756 – Makes Himself King

Posted by Kyle Design on August 8, 2007

Engraved Baseball Money ClipCrown Flask for the KingBarry Bonds has finally done it! He surpassed Hank Aaron’s home run mark to become the Home Run King. Bonds slugged the ball into the right center field seats among cheering home team fans Tuesday night at AT&T Park (Pac Bell Park) in San Francisco.

The Washington Nationals won the game 8-6, but that didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits. Washington’s pitcher Mike Bacsik, who gave up the pitch to Bonds in the fifth inning, later received an autographed bat from the Giants‘ slugger.

No one in the cheering crowd seemed to care about the controversy – everyone just seemed happy to celebrate Bond’s stunning baseball achievement as the new Home Run King, a title that Hank Aaron held for 33 years. Fans can continue the spirit of the event by celebrating with a custom King Liquor Flask.

Matt Murphy of New York caught the historic ball, most likely becoming an instant millionaire. He might enjoy a new Baseball Money Clip to stash his future take.

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