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Gift Ideas for Friendship Day – Forever on August 5

Posted by Kyle Design on August 5, 2007

Friendship Stamp Holder with Forever StampsToday is Friendship Day and it will be forever held on August 5th of each year. Last night I attended the 40th birthday party of my good friend Robbie and had a fabulous time. As a gift for her, I chose one of my magnetic stamp holders in my new Friendship design. I included a strip of the Forever Stamps to create a gift that means “Friends Forever“.

Chinese Symbol for Friendship on Sugar Packet CaseAnother great idea for a friend is the Friendship Tea Bag and Sugar Packet case shown here in silver with a teal aluminum background color. This is gift that shows you are supportive of a friend’s effort to maintain a healthy weight. Throw in a few packages of their preferred sweetener brand, whether Equal, Splenda or Sweet ‘n Low, or some packets of their favorite teas.

Here at Kyle Design we can also custom engrave many of our gift selections and have compiled a list of popular engraving quotes on Friendship if you are looking for ideas. Please check us out!


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