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Friendlier Skies – Smokers & Cigarette Lighters Fly United Again

Posted by Kyle Design on August 4, 2007

Custom Engraved Cigarette LightersSmokers rejoice! Man’s Quest for Fire has been fulfilled once more as cigarette lighters are again allowed on airplanes. The Transportation Security Administration has lifted the ban on cigarette lighters on airplanes that had been in effect for the last 2 years.

Starting August 4, 2007, disposable lighters such as Bics and refillable lighters, such as Zippos, would once again be allowed on airplanes. Torch lighters continue to be banned, however.

Designer Cigarette CasesFederal aviation officials said that the ban hadn’t done much to improve airline safety because small batteries could set off bombs just as easily. Furthermore, lifting the ban allows security officers to focus on finding explosives and IED components.

The TSA has been confiscating 22,000 cigarette lighters a day since the ban was implemented. That is more than 11,000,000 lighters a year! Talk about angering your customers. I’m glad that smokers and their lighters can fly together once more. I think happy airline customers will be friendlier, thereby making flying a more pleasant experience for all.

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