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Breast-Feeding Moms on the Increase – Big Benefits

Posted by Kyle Design on August 4, 2007

New Baby Engraved Holiday OrnamentsI was encouraged to read that nearly three-quarters of new moms here in the U.S. are breast-feeding their babies. On the downside, only 30% are still feeding them only breast milk at 3 months of age according to the latest survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I’m always surprised that more women don’t breast feed for longer, but I’m sure this is because we have so many working moms here in America. Experts recommend that mothers breast feed their kids for at least six months, longer if they can.

One benefit of being a self-employed artist is that I could have my kids at work with me and so could breast feed them. Not that it is easy running a business and taking care of your kids, both really being full-time jobs, but somehow I managed, although looking back it really was quite challenging. I pumped and froze breast milk for those days when I was off exhibiting my work at local crafts fairs and Art & Wine festivals. Although I must admit that pumping and dumping in a 100 degree Porta-Potty is something I don’t miss. At all.

Was it worth it? Yes. The real benefit and convenience comes when your children are older. They are less likely to get sick, and are also more protected against obesity and eczema. I breast fed my two girls for 9 months and 12 months respectively, and they are seldom sick. This last school year, for example, they both had perfect attendance. You just won’t lose as much time from work caring for sick kids.

At my book group, moms were complaining about how many ear infections their kids get, but I’ve been fortunate that my girls have had only one ear infection between them and they are now 11 and 8. It is just not an issue for us and I really feel that breast feeding is responsible.

Other benefits to breast feeding: It is cheaper than formula, you get to eat more, it helps take the weight off that you gained while pregnant, and nothing could be more convenient. What’s not to like?

If you know a new mom, support her efforts at breast feeding. If you are looking for a special gift to mark the arrival of their new baby, such as the engraved Baby’s First Christmas Ornament or the New Baby Night Light, please visit our unique Baby Gifts for New Parents collection.

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