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Hot Mama! Mother of All Chili Peppers Headed Our Way

Posted by Kyle Design on August 2, 2007

The world’s hottest chili pepper, the bhut jolokia, will soon be exported from India’sHot Chili Pepper Design on Sweetener, Sugar Packet and Tea Cases Assam state. How hot is it? New Mexico State University‘s Chile Pepper Institute confirmed this year that the bhut jolokia rate an amazing 1,001,304 Scoville units. This is nearly twice as hot as the next closest chili, the Red Savina habanero and 500 times as hot as a Jalapeno.

Need to spice up your life? According to my calculations, just one of these peppers would provide enough kick to my family’s food for about 10 generations.

The farmers in India are hoping these chilis will bring economic development to their region, but I don’t believe I’ll be responsible for any of it. They call this chili the “ghost chili” and warn that outsiders shouldn’t even try it. I plan to take their advice.

I know some people love to prove how hot a dish they can handle, but they better watch out once these come to town! If they do attempt (foolishly, in my opinion) to burn out their insides, they better have some sugar packets ready to counteract the major amounts of capsaicin (the chemical that creates the heat in a chili and that the Scoville units measure) that they’ll be consuming. Eating something sweet is one way to make chili peppers seem less hot, so I’ve created the Chili Pepper Sweetener Case above should anyone need to be prepared.

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