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Sneak Preview of New Symbols and Abstract Designs at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on August 1, 2007

Fresh New Symbols and Abstract Images at Kyle DesignsWhoops! I have so many new designs that I nearly forgot to preview my new Symbols and Abstract Designs.

Starting off are several new Asian characters. These Chinese and Japanese calligraphy characters include Double Happiness (popular for weddings), Health (often requested for pill cases), Faith and Friendship (just in time for Friendship Day on August 5th).Double Luck Mixed Media Earrings

Next up is the Wishbone design. I’ve taken a decorative approach to this image by using a repeating pattern of wishbones. It almost gives the impression of doorway arches and so symbolizes good luck when stepping through to a new phase of life.

Continuing this theme are the Feet and Flip Flops designs. The Feet are just at a juncture in the road, symbolizing the opportunity to take a different path, or finding your way. This design will probably also appeal to podiatrists, travelers, runners, and those on a spiritual path. The Flip Flops design is meant to be a fun beach imageEngravable Christian Cross Money Clips symbolizing good times and relaxation.

Spirituality continues with my new Buddha and Zodiac patterns. These images, along with the Chinese character for Faith, help round out my collection of religious symbols which currently include Christian, Jewish and Muslim designs.

The new Splash motif is just a fun, modern design more along the lines of Pucci prints and bold retro patterns.

And lastly, the Skull and Pirate designs. I said I would never do a Skull design, but I finally gave in because they are now ubiquitous, as are Pirates. There are even whole stores here in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the country that sell nothing but Pirate themed gifts and costumes. So, sticking with my motto, design what my customers are requesting.

All my new designs are almost ready! We hope to have them in production and up on the site by Friday, so be sure to check them out at Kyle Design. Look for them on our Personalized Business Card Holders, Pill Boxes, Checkbook Covers and Holiday Ornaments, as well as on many other unusual gift items.

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