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Sneak Preview of New Music Designs at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on July 29, 2007

New Music and Hobbies Patterns from Kyle DesignsAnd now for the final preview of my new designs for summer 2007: Music and Hobbies designs which include some of the most often requested images.

I’ll start out with the Photography design that features aComedy and Tragedy Masks Money Clip digital camera with a traditional film border detail. Complementing this is the new Movie Camera & Film design that has an old fashioned movie camera with the reels on top and with film border accents. These images are perfect for both amateur and professional photographers, directors, film crews and even reporters. They are a nice complement to our current Comedy/Tragedy pattern as shown here on an engravable money clip.

Scrapbooking has been an immensely popular pastime and my design features scrapbook pages, paper, scissors, pens, rubber stamps and cutouts. I even do a bit of scrapbooking myself.

I was particularly motivated to begin creating my scrapbooks when I saw how faded some of my photos from a 1976 high school trip to Japan have become. I don’t want to lose those photographic reminders of a trip which had a huge impact on me as an artist.

I was stunned by the sophistication of contemporary Japanese design, especially in comparison to the very functional packaging and design of American products. It really impressed upon me the value of quality design on everyday items. This really formed my current approach to design – creating useful gifts that are artfully styled. I’ll talk more about all this at a later date.

Iris Decorative Light Switch PlatesI know Gardening is a particularly popular hobby and even I have become more of a gardener in the last few years. I love the irises, roses and lavender in my garden. I have created a Garden Gate design that features a pretty vine-covered arch over the gate along with roses and grasses, flowers and trees, and even a bird’s nest with two eggs. The Gardening image has a montage of a watering can, seed packets, trowel, cultivator and potted plant. My newest flower is a delicate, ruffled Hibiscus. At left is one of my Iris Flowers Light Switch Plates.

Lastly are the Musical Instruments designs. These include Drums, aPersonalized Piano Christmas Ornaments contemporary Saxophone design, a Violin and Guitars – both Acoustic and Electric. These round out our current Piano and Musical Note motifs. These images work for musicians, music teachers and those who enjoy playing and listening to music. We expect these to be especially popular on our Personalized Christmas Ornaments.

Custom Christmas Ornament Color CombinationsAll the gift examples I’ve shown in this post happen to be in black and white with silver, but all the pieces actually come in many, many colors. The color chart at left is just a sampling of some of the custom color combinations that you can choose for the Christmas Ornaments, for example. We have such a range of colors on our gifts that you can usually match the colors of your team, school, wedding, company or just your personal favorite color.

Look for these new designs on my site in about a week. To see more stylish, useful gifts, please visit our Actor, Director and Drama Student Gifts. For flowers, visit Flowers, Irises and Roses Gifts. For really different holiday ornaments, visit Unique Personalized Christmas Ornaments.


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