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Here Kitty, Kitty! Oscar The Death Cat? Um, Never Mind

Posted by Kyle Design on July 28, 2007

Oscar, a very special cat in Providence, RI, cuddles up with nursing home patientsCat in Window Business Card Holder who are about to die. This talented cat seems to have the ability to predict death within a four hour window.

An article in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine reports that Oscar has now correctly predicted the deaths of 25 patients at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Parkinson's Awareness Ribbon OrnamentCenter, a facility that cares for patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and other dementia illnesses. Most patients that this kitty version of the Grim Reaper identifies are too ill to be aware of the significance of Oscar’s attentions. He jumps up on their bed and cuddles next to the patient while purring loudly.Alzheimer's Purple Ribbon Case for Pills

Oscar is so accurate that the facility staff call in family members to say their last goodbyes to loved ones. Exactly how Oscar does it is still a mystery. Scientists are not sure if the cat is sensing more urgency on the the part of nurses and doctors, whether the cat smells changes in the body that humans can’t or if it is something else. But it definitely is something worth exploring more.

Award Winner Statuette FlasksIf nothing else, maybe Oscar deserves a special award or statuette for the services he provides. Maybe some cat nip, or maybe just a nip of something from this attractive flask as a reward for another safe delivery across the River Styx.

Gray is the Awareness Ribbon color for Parkinson’s and for MS as shown in the Gray Ribbon Memorial Ornament above. Purple is the Awareness Ribbon color for Alzheimer’s disease as shown in the large .

If you’re looking for other unique gift for doctors, nurses or other health care professionals who work with Alzheimer’s patients or those with Parkinson’s disease, visit Awareness Ribbon Gifts and Decor. For a handy color guide, visit Meanings and Colors of Awareness Ribbons.


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