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Ocean Party with Dolphin Birthday Cake is a Success!

Posted by Kyle Design on July 25, 2007

This weekend we created an underwater world for Kayden’s 8th birthday party.Jumping Dolphins Birthday Cake Rather than have it strictly be a Dolphin Party, my daughter wanted to mix things up a bit and opted for an Ocean Party. Highlights included a Jumping Dolphins Birthday Cake, mermaid pinata, ocean treasure hunt and kelp bed. We really enjoy putting on a party that has personality and is fun and different. Here’s what we did:

I’m not a professional cake decorator, but I enjoy coming up with cute birthday cake ideas and my girls appreciate the creativity. For this homemade dolphin cake, I baked one large sheet cake and two separate dolphins that I placed on top. For complete instructions and the pattern pieces that you can download, go to Dolphin Cake Instructions. The colorful accents on the cake are edible hard sugar decorations in the shape of sea creatures – dolphins, sea horses, fish and starfish – that we got from The Party Works. The kids loved crunching on them!

The only special tools you need are the sheet cake pans – I show you photos of how to do everything else. I used the cake and frosting recipes off the back of the Pillsbury Softasilk cake flour box. They were delicious and really no more work than a package mix, but with no trans fats. We really are trying to cut trans fats completely out of our diet, and store bought cakes, cake mixes and frostings are a great place to start.

Mermaid PinataWe bought the 3-1/2′ high mermaid pinata from a local Mexican grocery store. They always have great shapes to work with and the pinatas are really cheap, too! But being an artist, I couldn’t just use the mermaid straight from the store and so reworked it with new clip art eyes, mouth, dolphin earrings and seashells in her palms. I gave her a fresh new bra top and tissue paper sea flowers in her hair and at her waist. I then added sparkly wrapping paper accents to the basic green crepe paper fish scales. I stuck the wrapping paper on our double side adhesive sheets, cut out large fingernail shaped pieces and and had my daughter stick them on. You can use glue sticks, too, but with the adhesive paper there is no sticky mess so you are less likely to tear the crepe paper.

For party decorations, we transformed the kitchen area by taping up plastic sheeting imprinted with an ocean theme along with solid turquoise sheeting above that. It gave a cool blue cast to everything (and everyone!) in the room. We got the coral reef room setter from online party supply store Party America along with an “authentic looking” fish net. We hung up the fishing net with the mermaid (pinata) “caught” in it.

This was a slumber party, so we decided that the kids had to sleep in a “kelp bed“. 😉Kelp Bed Party Decorations for Ocean Theme Party Ideas We created this by taping up various ocean colored crepe paper streamers to the ceiling of the room in which they were going to be sleeping. We had the length end about 18″ – 24″ from the ground so that it wouldn’t tickle the kids later on while they were in their sleeping bags. We opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fan so the breeze would make the “kelp” the sway in the ocean currents. The kids loved it!

The treasure hunt was a huge hit. I taped up clip art clues all around the house as well as the yard. Behind each one I taped the clue to the next image. It is amazing how quickly they memorize the location of all the pictures, so I moved them around at the last minute to mess with the kids’ memories. We also had water balloon races and a sandcastle pit.

For more party tips, photos, games and suggestions, visit the Ocean Party Ideas page where I offer all my tricks for throwing a great party. All the kids said they had a really good time. Success!


One Response to “Ocean Party with Dolphin Birthday Cake is a Success!”

  1. wrekehavoc said

    what a cute cake!

    FWIW, my daughter and i made a cake you might enjoy, although it involves fish that have been, er, taken out of the ocean:

    anyway, love your site 🙂

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