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Sneak Preview of New Sports Designs at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on July 23, 2007

New Sport and Games Designs for Fun GiftsThe next group of new designs I’m introducing this summer are the sports and games designs. The Sports images include Ballroom Dancing, Gymnastics, Swimming, Lacrosse and Yoga. The new gaming category includes Chess, Dominoes, Dice and a Retro Robot.

With the popularity of shows like “So You Think You Can Dance?” and “Dancing With the Stars“, I thought it was time to do another Dance themed image.

Gymnastics was a natural for my family because my two girls have been taking gymnastics for the last several years. (But wouldn’t you know, as soon as I create the design, both my girls suddenly drop out of the sport.)

Another natural for us is the swimming design because it is a sport our whole family enjoys. My husband swims butterfly, I strictly swim breaststroke and our girls swim freestyle. My husband even used to coach our local Masters swim team while holding our oldest daughter in his arms on the pool deck.Rowing or Crew Team Flask

Based on the popularity of our Crewing design last year, I decided to try another sport popular on college campuses, namely, Lacrosse. This is definitely gaining popularity with both men and women.

Yoga continues to increase in popularity as more and more doctors recommend it for exercise and relaxation. I have many, many friends who enjoy this activity.

With the games series, I have started out with a couple of traditional favorites – Chess and Dominoes. The dice design should address all of those fans out there who enjoy games like Bunco, <a title="Hasbro Games – Yahtzee" href=", Backgammon, etc. And for all you computer gaming types, I have created a Retro Robot. Given the speed at which new games and consoles come out and computer animation improves, the only way to go was retro for a design.

Look for all these new designs to appear on our <a title="Unique Designer Business Card Holders and Cases" href=", holiday ornaments, drinking flasks, iPod cases and other unique gift items at the beginning of August.


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