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Queen Bees Stay in Control By Using Scent

Posted by Kyle Design on July 21, 2007

Queen bees use scent as a form of mind control to keep the youngest bees in the hiveBee Night Light in Metal and Decorative Stained Glass well-behaved. By controlling their aversive memories, she is able to keep her youngest bees around to help groom her.

A study published this week in the journal Science reports that the queen bee secretes a special pheromone ( queen mandibular pheromone ) that prevents the worker bees from learning from negative experiences, or “aversive experiences”. This smell reduces the likelihood of these young using their stingers and so keeps things calm. This makes life in the crowed hive bearable.

Older bees that leave the hive to gather food aren’t under the control of the scent and so they do learn to protect themselves and use their stingers.

Now, if only I could control my kids with the scent of brownies, for example….

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