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Sneak Preview of New Animal Designs at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on July 20, 2007

New Animal Designs for Creative GiftsThose of you following my blog may have noticed how quiet I was in June. There was a reason! I was working intently on new designs for the fall and have created 65 fun patterns. Today I am featuring theCustom Business Card Holders and Cases new animal designs. These new designs will be available on business card holders, flasks, pill boxes, travel cases, cigarette cases and Christmas ornaments among many other unique gift items.

I seek feedback from customers and actually keep a file with your requests. If I get a lot of interest in particular images, then I try to create a design for that. I then email anyone who has contacted me to let them know it is up on the site. Am I missing something? Let me know – email me. If you want to see all of my current animal designs, please visit Unique Animal Gifts.

The thirteen new animal designs, literally from A to Z, include Alligator/Crocodile, Bull, Chihuahua, Cow, Doves, Monkey, Mouse, Polar Bear, Rhinoceros, Rooster, Shark, Sheep and Zebra.

The list features farm animals for the first time – Cows, Bulls, Sheep, Roosters, Mice – although cats and dogs, which I already have, are often included.

The list also includes the remaining Chinese Zodiac animals which I was missing from my line. These include Bull, Monkey, Mouse or Rat, Rooster and Sheep or Ram. To see our Chinese Zodiac gift ideas with links to each animal, you can visit our Chinese Zodiac Calendar page. 2007 is the year of the Pig or Boar, and 2008 is the Year of the Rat or Mouse.

Other animals include social and ecological awareness designs like the Polar Bear,Peace Symbol Christmas or Holiday Ornament a new symbol of the effects of global warming; the endangered Rhino; Alligators as a symbol of the shrinking Everglades; and the Doves for peace.

Chihuahuas seem to be the new “It” dog, showing up everywhere from the lap of Paris Hilton to ads for upscale shopping centers. The shark is a popular image for sports teams as well as a humorous gift for lawyers (so I’ve been told).

The zebra is a personal favorite and here’s my story about it. When my husband and I were getting married and decorating our new condo, he wanted to decorate with black and white and I wanted to decorate with bright colors. As a wedding gift, he bought me a picture of zebras that were purple, green, red and blue. It was very touching and meaningful to know that he was going into our marriage with a spirit of compromise and humor. We’ll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary next month.

My new work should be up on the site at the beginning of August, so I’ll be sending out some emails! Day After Tomorrow: Sports.


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