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Spider Pig Gifts Go Everywhere Spider Pig Can

Posted by Kyle Design on July 18, 2007

Looking for cool gifts with a Spider and a Pig? The Simpson’s Movie comes out next week on Friday, July 27, 2007, and the movie trailer shows Homer with a Spider Pig – namely a pig whose feet he’s covered with paint that he walks across the ceiling, much to Marge’s chagrin. He sings, “Spider Pig, Spider Pig. Does whatever a spider pig does. Look out, he is a spiderpig.” Not melodic, Spider Pig Custom Cases - Pick Your Colorscertainly, but catchy in an offbeat way. As always.

The movie opening provides a perfect opportunity to introduce our new Custom Double Design Credit Card Wallets and Cigarette Cases. Want a Spider Pig Wallet Case? No problem – just select one with spider and a pig on it. You even get to pick your own colors – in this case I chose frosted donut pink. Prefer metallic gold? You got it. Prefer Simpson yellow? Sure. We offer over 200 designs and 30 colors so you can come up with all kinds of crazy combinations or humorous design pairs as conversation starters, all the while carrying your cash and cards in style.

Want a case with cats and dogs? Perhaps you’re a veterinarian. Or maybe you just like the Cat Dog cartoon or have some wonderful pets. Here you go. Cat and Dog Credit Card Wallets and Cigarette Cases I’m just curious to see what fun design pairs everyone chooses.

As a professional artist, it is my job to find creative solutions, and this was an often requested design feature. Frequently, a need arose when someone’s business had a double image, such as two frogs, for example, or someone is in two linesMedical Law Designer Metal Wallet and Cigarette Cases of business or is in a specialized field, such as medical law. So I present this innovative yet stylish way to let you express yourself.

Even better, these cool cases go everywhere and do everything. They are the perfect size for credit cards, your driver’s license, cash, a spare key, condoms, chewing gum, cigarettes or your favorite smokes. Holds it all and keeps your stash from getting crushed. Available in seven different case sizes.

An added benefit: metal cases protect your Smart Cards (Paypasses, blink cards, wave cards, contactless credit cards) from being scanned by unauthorized individuals – something your leather wallet can’t do for you. Visa is rolling out a big campaign promoting the use of these convenient cards, so be sure to protect your ID with metal wallets if you do choose to start using them.

Spider Web ID Badge HoldersIf you’re just looking for cools gifts with spiders or with pigs, wePink Pig Pill Box with Custom Colors have those, too. Name badge holders, iPod cases, pill boxes, drinking flasks, night lights, condom carriers, tape measures, business card cases and more. Check out our Unique Spider Gifts and Fun Pig Gifts pages.

Want to see more hip metal wallets, credit card carriers and cigarette cases? Visit Kyle Design’s Unique Cigarette Cases and Credit Card Wallets. We specialize in all kinds of cool gifts and home decor that you personalize with your favorite designs, colors, metals and engraving quote. Express your individuality in style!


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