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David Beckham Mixes Up Soccer and Football

Posted by Kyle Design on July 14, 2007

David Beckham, the British soccer player best known from his days playing forCustom Soccer Night Light Manchester United and Real Madrid , has been signed by the Los Angeles Galaxy and so begins his American career. He made his appearance at a grand spectacle at the Los Angeles County Home Depot Center.

Soccer still is not as popular in the United States as it is in the rest of the world, and the hope is that bringing on a huge star like Beckham will help increase its appeal here. That his wife, Victoria, is the flashy pop music star known as Posh Spice can only help with the marketing hype. She did her part by showing up in a bright fuchsia dress with matching alligator handbag and spiked heels. Might as well make it the biggest media circus you can. What is the saying? Any publicity is good publicity. The team wants to make money, so bring it on.

Custom Soccer Money ClipApparently, it is working already with more than 250,000 of the team’s new blue and white jerseys sold at between $80 and $100 a pop. If they want, they can carry around all the money they’re making in a Custom Soccer Money Clip, like the one at left, and even have it personalized with the team’s colors.

Part of problem with soccer’s popularity here may be with semantics: “soccer” is known as “football” everywhere else in the world, and our football is known as “American football“. During Beckham’s stadium reception, he referred to his sport as football, but quickly corrected himself and said, “I’ll get used to that.” Might be a hard habit to break especially when you’ve been known around the world for most of your adult life as a football player. Fans know him from his World Cup days with England’s national team as well as last month’s Real Madrid win in the Spanish League.

I know his name from the movie Bend It Like Beckham, a touching British film from 2002 (released in the US in 2003) about two young London women who want to play soccer despite their families’ disapproval. One is a British Indian Sikh who is resisting getting married to the man her parents have picked out for her. The other, played by Keira Knightly, has to deal with her mother’s discomfort with her athleticism and muted femininity. I have two daughters, and this was really an uplifting film about encouraging girls to be themselves and pursue their dreams.

The Bend It in the film title refers to bending, or curving, the soccer ball from a free kick which causes it to swerve through the air. Beckham is well known for his prowess at this technique.

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