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iVillage Features Cool iPod Cases, Compacts By Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on July 12, 2007

Here at Kyle Design, we are so excited that our custom iPod cases and compact mirrors are currently beingFun Bubbles iPod Case in Designer Colors featured on the huge shopping and entertainment network iVillage. If you’re not familiar with this website, iVillage is an NBC-backed health, beauty, pregnancy and entertainment site that is the #1 online destination for women. In other words, HUGE. Network producer Siobahn Adcock displays our Bubbles Designer iPod Case and our elegant Art Deco Fans Compact Mirrors in one Elegant Art Deco Fan Compact Mirrorof her video segments on Stuff We Love. She suggests putting the term “Bridezilla” to rest and instead encourages brides to treat their bridesmaids well in order to get the help they need to manage the challenges of a wedding. A special thank you can go a long way towards keeping the love flowing all around.

In addition, Kyle Design’s gifts are featured under their Weddings > Pretty & Personal Bridesmaid Gifts > The Fairest of Them All section as well. Our iPod cases hold the Nano as well as larger sized iPods along with the earbuds and cords, so you don’t end up with lost or damaged parts. Our compacts feature two mirrors – one regular and one magnifying and can be customized with your wedding colors. How cool is that?!!

iVillage is an NBC Universal Digital Media company that has extensive, helpful sections on Health, Wellness, Diet & Fitness, Pregnancy & Parenting, Beauty & Style, Home & Garden, Food, Weddings, Love & Sex and Entertainment. Stuff We Love is the iVillage section that recommends “Great Gifts and New Must-Haves”. Be sure to check it out – they have a lot of very cool finds.

The iPod cases and compacts above are just a small sampling of the nearly 200 artistic patterns I have designed to custom embellish a wide range of personal gift items. If you’d like to see more, visit the Kyle Designs Travel Cases, Compact Mirrors and Personal Item Holders page.


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