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Lucky Wedding Day on 7/7/07 – Engraved Flasks Popular

Posted by Kyle Design on July 10, 2007

Saturday was popular for weddings because of the special date, July 7, 2007, or 7/7/07, or asEngraved Wedding Flasks often engraved, 7 7 7, which was believed to be a particularly lucky number. (Besides, it will be really easy to remember – an advantage to anyone who may be memory-challenged when it comes to remembering a very important, keep-yourself-out-of-trouble date such as one’s anniversary.)

I have been engraving flasks with this auspicious date for months now and can confirm, just from the shear quantity ordered, that it definitely was huge. So popular, in fact, that we are currently out of the Wedding Bells design at right. (They’ll be back in stock in about 5 weeks.)

Other popular flasks for bridesmaids Red Heart Drinking Flaskgifts included our Heart Flask, Pink Crown Flask and our Butterfly Flask. We even have a Popular Engraved Quotations page where we list engravable quotes that are often used on flasks, business card cases, pill boxes or money clips, etc.

For the guys, our most popular flasks includeIrish Shamrock Custom Drinking Flask for Liquor our Irish Shamrock Flask, Football Flask and Flame Flask. Most often, we engrave a name above the design and the date below, although engraving an additional title such as Best Man is also quite common.

Our extensive collection of flasks in all number of sizes and finishes, and even many flasks sets, are available with more than 200 designs that you can customize with the color of your choice. You can even match the colors of your wedding! Visit Custom Designer Flasks to see more of our extensive collection of unique flasks.

Now, in all my engraving madness, I managed to engrave one extra flask by mistake. ILucky 777 Bubbles Flask have one flask on sale that is engraved on the back with “777” and below it “BFF”. The lucky 777 can represent not just July 7, 2007, but is also the jackpot on slot machines. On the front is this Bubbly design with a black aluminum background.

So, if anyone would like to buy this special flask at a special price of only $10, just click here: Lucky 777 Flask. Remember, there is only one available, so it’s a first-come basis.


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