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Solution for Stressed-Out Business Owners: Eat Chocolate

Posted by Kyle Design on July 6, 2007

Being an artist and a dark chocolate lover, I was thrilled with yesterday’s headlines announcing thatDark Chocolate Postage Stamp Holder chocolate is indeed good for lowering your blood pressure. Running a small business is certainly a high-stress job for me, so having such a pleasurable way to help keep one’s blood pressure under control is a welcome bit of news.

When I’m feeling most stressed by work, I have always naturally reached for dark or semi-sweet chocolate, so somehow my body knew what the researchers have finally confirmed. And, that milk chocolate doesn’t work, both in the study and for me – I’ll ignore it. But dark chocolate I can “feel”, so I will continue to self-medicate with my favorite chocolate desserts when the need arises.

Chocolate Drinking FlaskGranted, the scientists discovered that it only takes one bite (and a small one, at that) to provide the beneficial effects. Subjects in the study had an average three point reduction of their systolic blood pressure and a two point reduction in their diastolic blood pressure measurements after eating just a quarter of an ounce of semi sweet chocolate.

Now, the trick is to stop at just one bite. HA HA HA. At least any guilt associated with the first bite has been eliminated – after that we’re on our own.

Because I love chocolate so much, it was fun to create a design featuring a cupcake, chocolate bar, tort and chocolate-dipped pretzels. For any other chocolate lovers out there who’d like to see more of my unique chocolate themed gifts like the postage stamp holder above or the liquor flask at left, visit Fabulous Chocolate Dessert Gifts and Decor.


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