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Graduation Gifts: Using Your New Business Card Case

Posted by Kyle Design on May 16, 2007

If you recently received a new business card holder as a graduation gift and are thinking, “But I don’t even have cards yet”, I have some great suggestions for you on how you can start using your gift right away.

Obviously, the most expected use is for holding business cards if you have them. Custom Ribbons Business Card HolderNobody wants to be handed a card that looks like it was picked out of the bottom of your purse or retrieved from the far reaches of a pocket. A striking business card case is a great conversation starter and it will make a professional impression, both important reasons for being prepared and keeping your cards neat and clean when you do finally have them.

But if you don’t have business cards – perhaps because you are just starting out or in a field where they aren’t the custom – business card holders are still one of the most useful gifts you can receive. Here’s why:

Metal business card cases make excellent thin metal wallets. They are the perfect way to carry your driver’s license and creditPersonalized Business Card Cases cards. A slim case holds just the essentials when you want to travel light or keep a slim profile. With a sleek business card holder, you can just tuck in what you need and slip it into a pocket or tiny purse. Jamming your regular leather wallet in a pocket just won’t do, nor do you want to risk leaving cards loose in a cavernous purse, briefcase or bag.

Kyle Design even makes a slightly thicker business card holder. It allows you to carry your license, credit card, HMO card, health club membership card, plus several bills – up to 9 credit cards or 12 tri-fold bills, or some combination of both. I find it can accommodate everything I need for most trips and it keeps me organized.

Another slick use for these cases is as a sugar packet carrier. It is just the right size to store packages of sweeteners, tea bags or spice packets.

Many fashionable women nowadays who enjoy going clubbing or who are actively dating haveMartini ID and Credit Cards Case started carrying calling cards. ID calling cards are just like a business card but with simply a name, email and possibly a photo or cell phone number. This is a classier and safer way to provide contact information when meeting someone new. Again, if you are interested enough to give someone new your ID card, then make a good impression by pulling it out of a gorgeous card holder. Even better, by keeping this case in a pocket, you’ll never have to ask someone else to keep an eye on your purse again. And, if so inclined, you can even carry a condom in your card holder.

There are many situations where I prefer not to carry my purse with me, preferring instead just to bring my ID, cards and cash. Among them include hotel conferences, helping out at my children’s school, or an evening out. My purse at times can feel like I’m carrying everything but the kitchen sink, but I’m finding more and more situations where less is more (comfortable).

For example, most hotel key cards fit in a standard business card case, Aluminum and Steel Carrier for Two Sets of Business Cardsso you can leave the bulk behind while working the crowd in the conference room. (Kyle Design even has cases that allow you to hold your credit cards on one side, business cards on the other.) At school, it is too easy to set my purse down, get involved with the kids and forget to take it with me when I walk back to my car. Besides, I often play jump rope with the kids at recess and don’t want to have to keep an eye on my purse. At the movies, I prefer not to set my purse on the sticky floor or sit with it in my lap (my kids often want the spot instead). For more formal occasions, I prefer to use a tiny purse or evening bag, and depending on the style, find that my designer business card case is the perfect size to tuck inside.

There is a security benefit as well. Metal wallets and business card cases prevent the Classic Metal Card Carriers in Silver, Gold and Blackunauthorized scanning of any debit or credit cards embedded with an RFDI chip, something that a leather wallet cannot prevent. Smart Cards, blink cards, wave cards, paypasses or contactless credit cards are among the many types currently being promoted for their speed and convenience features. I feel more secure knowing those cards are safe from someone with a scanner.

This is just a small sampling of situations where business card cases are the more convenient way to carry the essentials. With all the distinctive, artistic choices available nowadays, it is easy to find one that reflects your tastes and style. To see the full Kyle Design collection of cases, visit Chic Business Card Carriers and Holders. And for other cool ideas for grads visit our Unique Graduation Gifts page.


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