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The Queen Gets Some Street Sense

Posted by Kyle Design on May 6, 2007

Queen Elizabeth II attended yesterday’s 133rd Kentucky Derby Kyle Design Decorative Horse Night Lightat Churchill Downs in Louisville. She got to see Street Sense, a muscular dark brown colt wearing yellow and blue, pull out ahead of the pack after the horses came around the second turn while easily won the race.

I found the winner’s name amusing considering that the queen was in attendance. My family and I had just watched the movie The Queen starring Helen Mirren in a spot-on, Oscar winning portrayal of Elizabeth II. Pink Princess Drinking FlaskThe movie focuses on the reaction of the royal family following the death of Diana,  Princess of Wales. They chose to treat her death as a private matter, to treat it with dignity while noting she was no longer a part of the royal family and was just a commoner. However, the way their response came across to their subjects, the British public, was anything but dignified. They appeared cold and aloof – a reaction totally lacking an appreciation for how much the public adored Diana. The British subjects had looked to their monarch for guidance and leadership during this national tragedy, but sadly she was not able to provide it. The royal family stayed away from London and made no public comments on the whole affair.

In the film, Queen Elizabeth II finally makes a comment to the effect that there had been a huge shift in values and that she had been oblivious to it. After getting a clue with the help of close advisers and Prime Minister Tony Blair, she finally got some Street Sense.

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