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Beautiful Benicia

Posted by Kyle Design on April 30, 2007

I recently spent a warm, sunny day in beautiful Benicia, CA, on the north east side of San Francisco Bay Area. Benicia is a gorgeous little town, surrounded by water on two sides, that has old Victorians, California’s oldest state capitol building, stunning views and so many interesting shops.

My favorite is Studio 41, a gallery of stunning American made arts and crafts. They also carry a great selection of cards and gourmet foods as well. I always find a treasure I can’t live without. Now, knowing that I have been either exhibiting at fairs (20+ years) or attending fairs (40+ years, starting as a child with my parents) for that long, I find it amazing that it is still possible to be wowed with the variety and creativity in the artists’ works offered. I think this is due to proprietor Leah Perry-Shelhorn’s keen eye for discovering the new, the inventive and the finely-made. I find absolutely the finest crafts that are handmade in America. The gallery was actually celebrating Studio 41’s 17th anniversary (April 28) the day we stopped in.

Benicia was also holding its annual Mardi Gras Festival. Mardi Gras OrnamentMy cousin and I were able to watch the colorful parade go by as we sat in the Camellia Tea Room enjoying our lunch. What fun!!


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