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Delayed Gratification: Irises in Bloom at Last

Posted by Kyle Design on April 25, 2007

Irises Blooming in California Artist’s GardenMy irises started blooming last week. I look forward to this time of year when the plain, spiky plants start coming to life and displaying a gorgeous array of artist’s colors. The striking juxtaposition of ruffled standards against magnificent falls with accents of contrasting beards excites those creative juices in me. They are such dramatic, regal flowers. Even though they bloom for such a short time each spring, I eagerly await their arrival, checking the progress of each plant, anticipating the explosion of color. These are not the instant display of color in your garden derived from planting several trays or annuals from the local nursery. I send away for my iris bulbs from Schreiner’s. Order in the spring for best selection, plant in mid to late summer, and be patient. If you can’t handle delayed gratification, irises are not for you.

I love my iris flowers. Can you tell?Iris Wooden Jewelry Box Would my tea cups, or calendars, or umbrellas give it away? Or perhaps my iris design? It is one of my earliest designs, and that is so often how it is – you design what you know and love. Van Gogh's Irises at the Getty Museum L.A.I’m not the only artist who loves their irises. I think of Van Gogh’s Irises, which I had the opportunity to view at the Getty Museum in Santa Monica (Los Angeles) last year. The variety of shape, shadow and color is amazing.

If you happen to love and collect irises as I do, then please take a moment to view my interpretations of this elegant flower on my web site at Beautiful Iris, Rose and Flower Gifts. You’ll find pretty business card cases, night lights, badge reels, earrings and more.


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