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Drink Your Ladybugs! Wine Has Health Benefits

Posted by Kyle Design on April 9, 2007

For all you ladybug collectors, here’s a new way to appreciate your favorite little insect. Ladybug Christmas OrnamentResearchers analyzing the chemical composition of odors have discovered the chemical Harmonia axyridis in wine. This bad-smelling liquid produced by ladybugs has been tainting the taste of wines. This is now being called “ladybug taint.” The ladybugs release this smelly chemical as a defense mechanism, but unfortunately, the human nose is sensitive to even small amounts of it.

Ladybugs, the well-known friend of gardeners, have been rapidly increasing in population in the Midwest as aphid populations expand. As a result, vintners are reporting that more and more of these insects are getting caught up in the harvesting process by accident. Wine Pill HolderAs increasing quantities of wine is affected, more consumers are drinking this “ladybug wine.” While wine has been shown to have many health benefits including reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease, this new twist makes it a little less appealing.

But for all you ladybug lovers who would prefer just to decorate with these cute bugs, we have a beautiful selection of gifts and decor the Kyle Design Ladybug Gifts page. You’ll find the fun Ladybug Christmas Ornament shown above as well as business card holders, magnets, night lights and more. For the cool Wine Pill Box at right, please visit our Wine and Grapes Gifts page.


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