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Tuscan Whale Feeds the Hungry for Decades

Posted by Kyle Design on April 5, 2007

The skeleton of a prehistoric whale was excavated in Tuscany this week by Italian archaeologists. Blue Whale Night LightIt was found surrounded by a huge array of fossilized fish and shells. Researchers believe these hungry organisms lived off the whale’s decomposing body for decades! They are still trying to determine whether the 4-million-year old whale was killed by a shark as there were shark teeth nearby as well.

Long ago, this area of Italy had been under warm waters. Fossils of sea life are regularly found, however seldom in such good condition as this nearly perfect specimen. The waters began receding about 1.5 million years ago leaving the lush vegetation and rolling hills found in the gorgeous Tuscan countryside of today.

The decorative night light above features whales swimming in a sea of iridescent blue glass. For more unique whale themed decor and gift ideas, please visit Kyle Design Whale Gifts.


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