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Tough Love Golf Tournament in Livermore

Posted by Kyle Design on April 4, 2007

The Nationwide Tour’s Livermore Valley Wine Country Championship was held this weekend at the Wente Vineyards here in Livermore, CA. Golf Pill BoxThis golf event is a great opportunity to show off the beautiful gateway and surrounding areas. This event could be renamed the Tough Love Golf Tournament because it is such a tough course to play but everyone loves the stunning location.

How tough is it? For the week, the course played to a stroke average of 75.235 which was the highest on the tour in five years. The Wente course is considered the hardest on the Nationwide Tour, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Livermore’s famous wind Wind Card Case for Business Cards or Credit Cardshad something to do with these scores as well. The tournament was won by Omar Uresti despite a double bogey on the final hole. Talk about winning ugly! Uresti could easily pay homage to the tough part of the event with a contemporary Winds Business Card Holder. Alternately, he could celebrate by stashing some of his winnings into an artistic Wine Money Clip Custom Wine Money Clipand just focus on the part that everyone who attends loves – the juxtaposition of the rolling oak tree dotted hills and the patterned rows of wines vines under warm, sunny skies.

For an enjoyable yet challenging combination of wind, wine and winning, then the Wente tournament is the event to attend.


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  1. The Simple Golf Swing

    The Simple Golf Swing

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