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Panda Fans – New Austrailian Twins Make Debut

Posted by Kyle Design on April 1, 2007

The cutest little three-month-old red panda twins were introduced to the public this week at the Toranga zoo in Sydney, Australia. Red Panda Twins - Photo by Anoek De Groot / AFP - Getty ImagesThe birth of these twin males was the result of a red panda breeding program at the zoo that was started in 1977.

Red pandas are an endangered species with only about 2500 adults left in the wild. They live in temperate bamboo forests in China, northern India, Nepal and Bhutan, the Himalayas and in Myanmar and share part of their habitat with the Giant Panda. Red Panda Business Card HolderThe twin pandas are named Jishu (Nepalese for “bright” or “triumphant”) and Tenzin (named after Mount Everest sherpa guide and climber Tenzing Norgay.) Jishu weighed in at 2.3 pounds and Tenzin at 1.9 pounds, and both are healthy.

Red pandas are about 42″ long including their tail and generally weigh between 7 and 14 pounds. They resemble raccoons but with red and white markings. Their diet consists of bamboo, bird eggs, berries, blossoms and tender leaves.

We follow panda stories because our youngest daughter Kayden loves them. As an artist, I enjoy going all out on birthday parties because it is a different creative outlet for me. Giant Panda Pinata for Birthday PartyWe threw Kayden a Panda Party when she was 5 and I even made a giant panda pinata which took hours (!). panda_piggy_bank.jpg(My husband just returned from San Diego and brought home an adorable panda piggy bank for her that she flipped over.) So, if you just happen to be another one of us panda collectors, then you may want to check out my unique Panda Gifts.


2 Responses to “Panda Fans – New Austrailian Twins Make Debut”

  1. lhsnevets said

    Hi. My son would absolutely love to have the panda piggy bank that you have pictured here. I realize that your post is nearly 5 years old, but I was wondering were in San Diego did your husband purchase this item? Thank you!

  2. He found it at a shop along the San Diego wharf at Seaport Village Shopping Center. He thinks it was in one of the 5 red-roofed buildings pictured at the top left – mostly likely the round one but it could be any of those. (Here is a link to the photo: )

    You might print the photo of the piggy bank and show it to each storekeeper. Good luck!

    (Please let me know if you do find them – others have asked me about them over the years, too.)

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